Dec. 17 – Today, the UMoD thanks France and Denmark for providing Ukraine with the CAESAR self-propelled artillery system, a highly reliable, maneuverable and accurate 155mm howitzer which allows them to engage the enemy at a range of more than 40 kilometers.

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"Weapons of victory." Yeah, other people's weapons. Just think, if you had spent the time between 2014 and 2022 actually developing and building your own stuff instead of sitting on your hands waiting for bigger boys to come and help, you may not be in this mess.
Dirk Digler
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You Ukrainians are idiots! Do you really think you can win over Superpower with that sh!t? That will nuke you but they will not lose the war. Losing the war in Ukraine for Russia would mean losing the country. It will never happen. As I said, they will nuke you rather than let that happen. You are just retards fighting war for the West. Did you notice they don't send their kids to die!? No, they use you. Clowns are running Ukraine now. Get reallyity check, start negotiating, with every passing day Ukrainians are losing more and situation iOS getting less favoerable. Don't let West use for something they don't have B@lls to do.