Partisans in Crimea have reported the discovery of warehouses which they claim are “likely” being used by Russian forces to store Kalibr missiles.

Agents of the ATESH movement conducted reconnaissance north of Sukharna Bay in the Russian-occupied city of Sevastopol, photographing the facilities and posting their location online.

In a post on Telegram, they said: “The mentioned warehouses likely house Kalibr-type missiles and various other weapon types.”

They did not provide further details about how they identified what was inside the warehouse but did say “several units of cargo trucks” were observed in the area.

The ATESH movement said that its agents have scouted hundreds of objects in occupied Crimea and will continue their work.


“We provide the obtained information about the occupiers to the Defense Forces of Ukraine, making these objects potential targets for missile strikes,” the partisans said.

Last week, the spokesperson for the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Nataliya Humenyuk, noted a decrease in the use of Kalibr missiles by the Russians.

“There is an understanding that they are facing difficulties in maintaining the units producing Kalibr and loading the missiles themselves,” she said on the air on telethon.

Humenyuk explained that all logistics and infrastructure are concentrated in Crimea, while missile carriers are based in Novorossiysk for preservation purposes.

Partisans Uncover Russian T-72 Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles in Occupied Crimea Freight Station
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Partisans Uncover Russian T-72 Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles in Occupied Crimea Freight Station

Recently, Atesh partisans have frequently observed Russian military equipment in Crimea, including tampering with tanks stationed at the Yevpatoria railway station.

“It’s quite likely that (the Russians), in this way, [could lull us out of our vigilance], suggesting they are unable to use Kalibr. However, they remain capable and could deliver an insidious blow [at any] time,” Humenyuk cautioned.

“Therefore, I urge you not to lose vigilance, analyze the enemy’s readiness, and be prepared to counter it,” she said.

Earlier, ATESH reported that partisans in Crimea had surveilled and photographed missile systems used by Russia to protect its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol


ATESH stated that Russian forces were deploying the BM-21 Grad and the TOR air defense missile system to counter air and sea strikes by the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

“As practice shows, this tactic more often fails than succeeds,” the report concluded.

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