The commander of the crew of the Tu-95 strategic bomber was reportedly shot in the Russian city of Engels. It turned out to be Major Oleg Stegachev, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence (HUR) reported on Saturday, Feb. 3.

According to the report, born on 23.06.1983, Stegachev was stationed at the Engels air base and was involved in missile strikes on civilian targets in Ukraine, leading to casualties among the local population.

The attack on Stegachev reportedly left him with gunshot wounds, and his current condition is yet to be confirmed.

While Ukraine's intelligence has not openly claimed responsibility for the incident, it has issued a traditional warning, stating, "All war criminals will be reckoned with. We know your names, addresses, car numbers, familiar routes, and habits."


This incident follows a revelation made in October 2023 by the Molfar OSINT agency, which specializes in private intelligence. The agency identified 73 personnel from the Engels-2 airbase, including commanders, pilots, navigators, and technical team members, who were allegedly involved in bombing Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

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