The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has made changes to the laws that govern the country's armed forces, to grant servicemen the authority to use “firearms, special equipment, combat, and other equipment” when performing their duties, as reported by the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty.

According to the document, the use of weapons against citizens is permitted even in cases that only involve administrative offenses.

The new amendments specify that servicemen will not be held accountable for damages resulting from shootings conducted “in accordance with joint military statutes.”

Earlier, Lukashenko signed amendments to the “Law on State Security Bodies,” effectively allowing personnel of the special services to employ weapons against women, children, and the disabled in scenarios involving “armed resistance, armed or group attack, or other life-threatening actions” or those affecting people's health.


Additionally, a new law regarding the president's legal status was enacted and signed into law by Lukashenko. It expands on the protections for former presidents, their family members, and the criteria for their successors.

The law grants the country's leader the entitlement to use official residential accommodations and temporary lodging and relaxation facilities. Moreover, the president is entitled to material, technical, social, household, and other services, along with state and specialized communications.

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All presidential guarantees, except for salary, extend to family members during the president's term in office.

Furthermore, the law includes a section outlining protections for former presidents and their family members (parents, spouses, and children, including adults).

Such individuals are afforded lifelong state protection, immunity, and are exempt from criminal liability for actions taken during their presidency. They may not be detained or prosecuted for these actions, and this immunity also extends to their family members.


The housing, office space, transportation, communication devices, other assets, and documents of the ex-president and their family members must remain intact.

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