Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday that sending troops to Ukraine was not in the interests of Western countries, after French President Emmanuel Macron said the option was on the table.

"This is absolutely not in the interests of these countries, they should be aware of this," Peskov said after being asked about Macron's statement, adding that many countries "are keeping a fairly sober assessment of the potential dangers of such actions".

"The very fact that the possibility of sending some contingents from NATO countries to Ukraine is being discussed is a very important new element," he said.

He noted that the Kremlin was "well aware of Mr. Macron's position on the need to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia."

Asked if the appearance of NATO troops in Ukraine would lead to a direct confrontation between the alliance and Russia, Peskov said:


"In this case we need to speak not about a possibility but of the inevitability" of confrontation, Peskov said.

"And these countries need... to ask themselves if (confrontation) is in their interests and, mainly, if it's in the interests of the citizens", he said.

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I FOLLOW THIS WAR AND MANY OTHER CONFLICTS LIKE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, RED SEA, ISRAEL, YEMEN, AFRICA,ETC. HAD LOT OF RESPECT FOR RUSSIA AND PUTIN BEFORE ALL THIS, NOW ALL I SEE IS A GROWN MAN WITH A CHILD LIKE MIND OF A BULLY I SEEN MANY TIMES OVER. and this peskov!! WTF is wrong with this man and the kremlin? this childish mentality, and what is even scarier is how many around the globe seem to see this as ok!! based on everything i have seen heard and witnessed, we should already have been there and ended this bullshit. us and NATO have never look so god damn weak, so what we get is absolutely what we deserve. go ahead, let Russia win, stop aid to Ukraine, let all the other countries who hate democracy prevail, let them take over the world, isolate USA. After when we have sat back and done nothing and now nothing we can do because it became to late, once they all have taken lands and killed millions they will eventually turn on themselves, they don't know peace, and they will always want more and more, it will never stop, unless we stand up and stop them now. Emmanuel Macron right now sir you are the brave, and the smart one, we need people like you in USA, but they will get another dicator TRUMP
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Russia saying NATO fighting in Ukraine is not in our allied best interest is actually sufficient proof that it is. Russia leadership always lies. What they actually mean is the opposite. When they carefully script their western media comments media you have to look for true meaning. What putins regime really does want is for NATO to trunce their orc assess out of Ukraine.

Were there any truth in putins justification for invading Ukraine. NOPE!

Can russia sustain a conventional war with NATO more than a few weeks. NOPE!

Will russia resort to nuclear weapons to colonizing Ukraine against its wishes. NOPE!

......that would be suicide for the kleptocrats living their posh lives.

NATO MUST finally respond in terms this thug aggressor understands. He only understands a military defeat.

This is the moment NATO was funded for! Article 5's already be triggered thousands of times if you include the hybrid war putin orchestrates to tear our democracies apart from within.

The rehearsal is over NATO forces. Godspeed!
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All day I have been reading the comments of European leaders on the subject and what a peculiar organization Nato is. After two years of savage war on the European continent, Nato-members still seem to have plenty of reasons why the military alliance shouldn’t be directly involved. And here I thought that Nato was created to counter Russian aggression. Silly me.
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Right. Does anyone think the Russian military is going to cover for Putin and Peskov any more than it covered for them when Prigozhin marched on Moscow? This thug is hanging by a thread. He has to murder his jailed and tortured opposition, Alexei Navalany, and then seize his body, to prevent any possibility his own people won't vote for him. His government is scared to death he'll throw them in jail or out of a high rise building. He's got over 400,000 casualties right now in Ukraine and Russian mothers are protesting this war. Plus, he has murdered multiple Russians on foreign soil and scoffs at their protestations about violations of their sovereignty. This guy is a criminal. In any normal society he'd be thrown in prison and they key would be misplaced. We have to give the Ukrainians the weapons to defeat him in Ukraine. Because if he wins there, he's told us he's going for the Balts and Poland. Then he will have to contend with NATO and he'll have his head handed to him. This midget mafioso has to be dealt with. He will not stop otherwise.

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@Edlund, Well stated and efficiently worded.

I've got to start proof reading some of my own comments before I post them. Embarrassingly, way too many include grammatical errors....sometimes intent altering big mistakes even. I rush them too much.

Keep up your good work!
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Yeah. We in the West should take advice on our own self interest from the spokesperson of a regime which openly espouses antagonism towards us. Right.