France's President Macron has made waves again with a statement about the war in Ukraine: talking to the press after the Paris conference in support of Ukraine, he said that while there was no consensus about sending troops to Ukraine, given the dynamic unfolding, nothing could be ruled out. EU leaders promptly rejected the idea. Commentators discuss the possibility of such military engagement and analyze Macron's motives.

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Its' bad enough that putin's thugs don't observe any international law or basic tenant of humane treatment of another human.

But add to that the timid military support from allies, particularly in the first year of this war, and it's truly a disappointing period in human evolution.

Timid allied leadership shares some responsibility for not more decisively thwarting this invasion its initial days. Still at least they did something (....orban and putinrump would have handed cannibal putin all of Ukraine on a platter).

This is the war that we should be directly involved in. We should have boots on the ground. We should have NATO jets protecting Ukraine airspace. We should be applying all our best weaponry and skills to crush this deviant russian thug immediately. 

Why let putin disease spread further?