Chancellor Olaf Scholz reiterated Germany's refusal to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine on Monday, Feb. 26, stating that the country would not follow the UK and France in providing Ukraine with long-range missiles.

Scholz's repeated refusals to send German Taurus missiles to Ukraine come despite domestic pressure and urgent calls from Kyiv, which is struggling to fend off Russia's ongoing invasion.

“German soldiers must not be linked at any point or place to the targets that this system reaches,” Scholz insisted, offering a direct explanation for Berlin's decision during a conference organized by the German press agency DPA.

“This is a very long-range weapon, and what the British and French are doing in terms of targeting and supporting targeting cannot be done in Germany,” he said.


“In my view, it would be unjustifiable if we were to participate in targeting in the same way,” Scholz said.

That said, Germany is Ukraine's second-biggest weapons donor, behind only the United States.

While Berlin has provided air defense systems, tanks, combat vehicles, and artillery to aid Ukraine's defense, concerns persist regarding the potential use of Taurus missiles to hit targets deep within Russia.

France and Britain have supplied Kyiv with SCALP or Storm Shadow missiles, both with a range of about 250 kilometers (155 miles). In contrast, Taurus missiles can fly up to twice as far, reaching targets up to 500 kilometers away.

Russia Claims Advances Near Chasiv Yar as Ukraine Hails New Aid
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Russia Claims Advances Near Chasiv Yar as Ukraine Hails New Aid

After months of partisan infighting, the United States House of Representatives finally approved the major package in a vote Saturday, giving a morale boost to Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine has been pleading for more ammunition and armaments as its troops struggle to hold back Russian forces.

“Deficits of artillery and long-range capabilities” in Ukraine are handing Moscow an advantage, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged during the Munich Security Conference earlier this month.

However, Scholz has remained steadfast in his refusal.

“I'm surprised that some people... don't even think about whether what we're doing could lead to a participation in the war,” Scholz said.

In the absence of further support from the US whilst Ukraine aid stalls in Congress, Scholz has ramped up calls for other EU nations to increase their assistance to bolster Kyiv's defenses.

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David Steel
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When Russia triggers article 5 and NATO springs into action, I guess Germany will phone in sick that day.

Germany had to be dragged kicking and screaming into supporting Ukraine. Right from the start the US and UK were providing ammo and javelins, while Germany sent combat helmets. Mayor Klitschko said what they sent was a complete joke.

Then there was the fiasco over the Leopard tanks.

Listen up Sholtz, white flags don't work on Russia. You are a disgrace to your citizens and a coward.
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I would like a conversation with allied leadership.

Background for allied leadership: You are presently failing to support Ukraine fully and in a timely manner with the weapons it needs to defeat putin's invaders. Your failure risks russian aggression spreading to other nations. In fact putin's criminal regime has already been attacking EU and North American members via hybrid war for decades to destroy their democracies and economies. His forces regularly attach ours over international waters. For the last two years his regime on multiple occasions has directly threatening each allied nation with land theft or use deprivation via nuclear or convention war obliteration.

Question for allied leadership: As your failure to provision Ukraine results in our own soldiers being sent to war, what weapons will you similarly deprive our soldiers of? If none, then why is it first necessary for our own soldiers to die fighting putins forces, before these weapons can be used? Is it not also obvious to yourselves that it is better to have them be used by Ukraine now to prevent a war within our own borders?

Allied leadership if you agree there is an obligation to defend the legal boundaries and right to self determination of fellow democracies. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? How you embarrass your electorate each dithering new day!!!! You are not earning the salaries and future pensions you will claim.

Provision Ukraine fully to defeat russia now.
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Drones that are plenty and affordable , can be increased in number and quality through mass production , do make a difference ...