Ukraine seems to have again hit important Russian targets in Crimea and within Russia over the weekend – reportedly hitting oil refineries and an air base.

According to Russian media, Ukraine launched a 38-drone mass attack against targets in Feodosia in occupied Crimea on Sunday.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that all 38 Ukrainian drones were shot down and only minor damage was caused by falling debris. However, according to the ASTRA Telegram channel, a main pipeline to an oil depot, a roadway on the Tavrida highway, seven houses and six cars were damaged.

According to Russian media reports, four drones crashed on the territory of the Sea Oil Terminal in Feodosia during the attack, damaging the main fuel pumping pipeline and starting a fire. Workers were evacuated from the oil terminal, but there were no injuries.


Representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry (HUR) declined to comment.

According to ASTRA sources, it took an hour and a half to extinguish the fire, starting at 3 a.m. Around the same time, another drone exploded on the Tavrida highway, resulting in a crater 5 by 5 meters in diameter and about 4 meters deep.

Saturday, March 2 - drone strike on the “St. Petersburg Oil Terminal”

Another social media report says that an unknown seven-meter-long drone crashed on the territory of the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal in the Leningrad region of Russia, on Saturday.

The huge drone, with its wing torn off, was found close to Russia's largest Baltic oil transshipment terminal. It contained 20 kilograms of explosives and was discovered on Sunday morning.

Special Ops Reportedly Destroy Russian T-72 Tank, Eliminate at Least 11 Soldiers
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Special Ops Reportedly Destroy Russian T-72 Tank, Eliminate at Least 11 Soldiers

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces, with the assistance of FPV drones, also managed to destroy the Russian 2S6 “Tunguska” anti-aircraft missile gun complex.

This is not the first time that drones have attacked this Russian facility. Intelligence sources told the Kyiv Post that on the night of Jan. 18, Ukraine attacked the St. Petersburg oil depot with drones, passing by Russian President Vladimir Putin's Valdai estate on the way.

“During the operation, one of our UAVs flew over Valdai, where the personal estates of the Rothenbergs, Kovalchuk and one of Putin's palaces are located,” a Ukrainian intelligence spokesperson said.


Kyiv Post’s source would not talk about operational issues, the only comment the spokesperson made was “Maybe they [the drones] were delivering candy.”

Friday, March 1 - Missile attack on the Gvardeyske air base.

ASTRA reported that on Friday at about 4 p.m. the Gvardeyskoye air base, located 13 kilometers north of Simferopol, on the Crimean Peninsula was attacked by two unidentified missiles, one of which damaged the airfield taxiway and wounded three Russian servicemen.

According to Krym.Realii, the airfield is the base for the 37th Mixed Aviation Regiment of the Russian Aerospace force that runs two 12 aircraft squadrons of Su-24M (NATO: Fencer) tactical bomber and Su-25SM (NATO: Frogfoot) ground attack aircraft.

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The idiot leaders of society complain about the environment,

What do you think right now is causing more pollution than wars
The mouths of government leaders and the elite
All for not stopping all wars when they could do so,

Which one of them would put a bounty on Putin's head for starting this war,
Not one, as they just want to keep on fighting