A Moscow court has sentenced a student to 10 days in jail after he renamed his WiFi network with a pro-Kyiv slogan during the military offensive in Ukraine, the Ria-Novosti news agency reported on Saturday.

The student at Moscow State University replaced the name of the network from his wifi router with Slava Ukraini ("Glory to Ukraine"), the rallying cry of Ukraine forces.

The court found him guilty of a "public demonstration of Nazi symbolics... or symbols of extremist organizations," Ria-Novosti said.

It added that a police officer had reported the network name to authorities.

Since the Russian offensive was launched in February 2022, officials have issued thousands of prison terms or fines against people publicly criticizing the action or showing support for Ukrainian forces.

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....and there folks is another reason why putin's NAZI regime has no place in a modern world.

Why any candidate flattering putin, spreading messages of disunity and hate and aspiring for similar powers, would be eligible democratic leadership is beyond me.

Good luck democracy protecting American's in your next election.