Ukraine said Wednesday it hoped to receive the first batch of artillery shells promised by the Czech Republic soon, as its troops face critical shortages of ammunition on the battlefield.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said last week his country had raised funds to buy 300,000 artillery shells for Ukraine, lower than the 800,000 initially suggested by the Czech president.

"According to the preliminary signals we have received ... the first part of the shells will be delivered in the foreseeable future," Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

"This will not take many months, but the Czech initiative is designed to be implemented throughout the year," he said, adding that frontline troops would feel the effect soon.

He was speaking at a press conference with Moldovan counterpart Mihai Popsoi.


Ukraine has faced a myriad of shortages in the past few months, from artillery to air defences, in part because a $60 billion aid package remains held up in the US Congress.

It ceded the town of Marinka to Russian forces in December and last month withdrew from the major industrial hub of Avdiivka amid a lack of supplies.

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this xiginpig from chinaxi has said that arms and ammunition on the way to Ukraine needs to be seized
every ship with ammo and arms for Ukraine has to be escorted by a Western frigat
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Can the Ukrainian forces please be sent more and better long range missiles in the interim? Taking out more remote russian weapons stockpiles and logistics depots will also diminish russia's frontline aggression.

Also NATO, how about finally (....long, long morally overdue) being useful and instigating a no fly zone; at least away from the front lines to protect Ukraine's civilians? That frees up their forces for front line efforts.

Frankly many allies electorate have had it with constant NATO expenditures on simulated war games / pontificating / photo-op events, when there is a real war occurring in an allied democracy's, which has asked for our help, and the principle defence institute we pay towards supporting does next to nothing to physically help! Instead they leave it to their non putin aligned members to take that risk independently. That is wrong.
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Meaning 1 Mio Shells is far away for Ukraine. The Czech have to f d Countries with that Type of Shells. To collect money is relative easy. Lets wait till July if they will be delievered. Starting August the US election are in full swing no time for Ukraine