The European Parliament (MEPs) agreed on Wednesday to endorse the renewal of trade liberalization measures for Moldova for another year.

The measures will suspend duties and quotas for Moldovan products moving into the bloc until July 24, 2025.

The decision – with 459 votes in favor, 65 against and 57 abstentions – now requires approval from European governments to be officially implemented on July 24 this year when the current legislation expires, a press release from the European Parliament says.

“Russia’s illegal military aggression against Ukraine has also hit the Republic of Moldova hard as it relies heavily on Ukrainian transit routes and infrastructure for its own exports. The trade liberalization measures allowed Moldova to redirect some of its trade with the rest of the world via the EU,” the press release reads.


Most Moldovan exports already benefit from duty-free access to the EU market under the Association Agreement, the release says.

Meanwhile, the European Commission’s proposal for Ukraine’s extension is subject to revisions.

The Commission is proposing to renew the duty-free status for Ukrainian products in June, but is proposing various safeguard measures that could be triggered in the case of “extreme necessity,” such as limiting poultry, egg and sugar imports to average import levels from 2022-2023.

The European Parliament’s decision to extend the trade support mechanisms will be beneficial for Chișinău, especially ahead of its presidential election this year.

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