Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Saturday that Russian and Belarusian athletes “were not welcome” at the Olympics being staged in the French capital this year.

“I want to tell Russian and Belarusian athletes that they are not welcome in Paris and to tell Ukrainian athletes and all the Ukrainian people that we support them very strongly,” Hidalgo said in a video posted by Ukrainian YouTube channel, United News. 

Hidalgo made her comments on a trip to Kyiv where she visited a training center for Ukrainian athletes. 

Russian athletes can compete in the Paris Olympics, which run from July 26 until August 11 but only as neutrals.

Russia and Belarus have been banned from taking part in the opening ceremony which will be staged on the River Seine in the heart of the city.


In response, Moscow launched a furious tirade at the International Olympic Committee, arguing the IOC's restrictions on Russian athletes amounted to “neo-Nazism.”

The IOC suspended Russia from the 2024 Games last year but gave the green light for its athletes to compete as neutrals as long as they did not actively support the Kremlin's assault on Ukraine

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Remember Putin told Brics that they will have their own olympics. Own currency etc. etc. Zee kremlin iz zee zircus. Zo funny . Zero losers.
Slava Ukraine
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Russians and Belarusian athletes are not welcome at the Paris Olympics. Good, tell it like it is. In my book, it’s not just the Olympics, it’s pretty much everything. Russians and Belarusians are amongst the most despised nations on the planet, if not the most. And I laugh to hear their indignation at being shown rejection by the civilised world. It is so funny that they are so stupid. “All we do is kill a few people, bomb a few civilians here and there, invade a peaceful country - what’s so wrong with that? You hate us because we a Russians “. No we don’t, we hate you because you are arrogant violent corrupt thugs. Get used to it.

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@Slava Ukraine, Well said. Russians are rightfully judged harshly and banished for their nations criminal, vile leadership and the illegal / immoral actions they help him propagate.

If russians have no interest in making reparations, we have no interest in having any interaction with them.

They attack we fight back. They will not win.
Jack Gritten
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Thx Paris. Not all got dazed and confused since there vacc. shots. Bless the ones that still can keep there priorities in a row. Know whats left, right. No inbetween maybes or promises. 50% of world population turned numb and dumb. But these numbdumbs brains is short of reality. They think and say one thing BUT DO THE OPPOSITE. Today your average dumbshit politician do tell all 100 people in the hall what they want to hear. And there it ends. Ukraine is blessed with their leaders. Thx to all that give them any kind off support . Zelensky and country is fighting for their freedom and lifes. From the pets to the grandparents dodge missiles 247. Actions is what they need .