Bild journalist Julian Röpke said that Ukraine has run out of missiles for the Patriot and Iris-T air defense systems.

“As I said weeks ago (and almost no one believed me): Ukraine ran out of Patriot and Iris-T missiles. Also, most other stocks of air defense means are depleted or destroyed,” the journalist wrote on the social network X on Thursday, April 11.

Röpke said that Western countries now have hundreds of systems and thousands of the defensive missiles that Ukraine is currently desperate for in warehouses.

“No words. Just anger,” he added.

Later, the journalist published a post with the trajectory of the Russian missiles that attacked Ukraine the night before last.

“Take a look at the missiles’ path. Kyiv's airspace is a free pass for them now. We really messed up…” he wrote.


However, the journalist later added that he would rather not say that “Ukraine has ZERO Patriot PAC-2 and PAC-3 missiles”

He alleges that a source told him the exact current number two weeks ago.

“I won't reveal it, of course. But the number was so small, it must be close to nothing now,” Röpke said.

Ukrainian Air Force responds

Air Force spokesman Ilya Yevlash agreed that Ukraine needs more Patriot missiles.

“First of all, we have to understand that Ukraine does not produce these systems and ammunition for them on its own. Therefore, of course, we need more missiles,” Yevlash said.

Germany’s Plan to Strengthen Ukraine’s Air Defenses Stalls – Politico Reports
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Germany’s Plan to Strengthen Ukraine’s Air Defenses Stalls – Politico Reports

Despite a German plan to protect Ukraine against missile attack, partner nations hesitate to send needed batteries to Ukraine, largely due to the high cost of Patriot systems.

Yevlash said, however, that Ukrainians should not panic, as partner countries are aware of how many missiles Ukraine has, how many more are needed, and will come to Ukraine’s aid.

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