A new, cutting-edge Ukrainian attack drone was demonstrated to President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday, April 13, during a ceremony honoring an employee of the military-industrial complex.

This drone, which social media has called RAM X although its specific name remains classified, is said to be capable of accurately striking targets located more than 100 kilometers away.

According to Militarnyi media, this drone has already been deployed against Russian forces and proven its effectiveness by successfully neutralizing a 2K22 Tunguska tracked self-propelled surface-to-air gun and missile system and other targets.

The unique features of the drone are summarized below:

Purpose and Functionality: This new Ukrainian drone is designed to mirror the capabilities of the Russian Lancet by delivering precise strikes on enemy targets. It can engage both ground and aerial targets with its relative high speed and powerful warhead, making it a valuable military asset.


Design and Maneuverability: Featuring X-shaped body and control surfaces, the drone boasts exceptional maneuverability, allowing it to effectively target both static and moving objects from a variety of trajectories and angles.

Warhead Options: Depending on the mission requirements, the drone can be equipped with different types of warheads, including high explosive fragmentation, thermobaric, or armor-piercing variants. The armor-piercing warhead can penetrate up to 40 mm of armor, thereby inflicting significant damage to most existing enemy equipment.

Ukrainian Border Guard Drones Blast Russian Howitzers and Dugouts in Bakhmut Sector
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Ukrainian Border Guard Drones Blast Russian Howitzers and Dugouts in Bakhmut Sector

Video footage showcases operations of multi-copter drones, which dropped explosive devices and hand grenades on Russian positions, leaving behind motionless bodies of Russian soldiers.

Target Engagement: With a maximum speed of 180 kph, the drone is capable of engaging targets moving slower than 130 kph. This includes enemy drones such as the Russian Orlan-10, Zala, and Lancets, as well as approaching helicopters.

Repeater Drone Integration: A crucial component of the drone’s capability is the ability to partner it with a repeater drone, which assists in target acquisition, tracking, and post-strike assessment. The integration enables effective coordination and extends its operational range.


Communications and Technology: The drones feature encrypted communication modules, ensuring secure operation even in the presence of electronic warfare systems. Additionally, the integration of a “machine vision” AI system enhances target identification, acquisition, and engagement capabilities, particularly in situations of electronic interference.

Deployment and Development: The unmanned complex is currently undergoing “on the job” fine-tuning through real-time, continuous launches and applications in combat zones. Despite being in the development phase, the drone has already demonstrated its effectiveness in destroying enemy equipment.

Cost: While the exact cost of the drone remains undisclosed, developers suggest that it falls within the range of most current Ukrainian operational-tactical drones.

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