For the first time during the Russo-Ukrainian war, Special Operations Forces (SSO) hit a Russian R-416GM digital radio relay station, the SSO reported on Telegram.

The mobile station is designed to enhance the efficiency of radio relay communication units in the field.

“Our operators inflicted fire damage on an enemy target with one of the latest [drone] innovations that entered service with the SSO,” the message read.

“As a result of a successful operation, the R-416GM station was damaged,” the SSO added.

The damage to the station disrupted communication between the command post and the units of the Russian army.

“This R-416GM station is the first to be hit by the Ukrainian military during the war,” the report said.


The video released by the SSO first showed the relay station, then captured the moment an unidentified aircraft-type drone hit it. An explosion followed, accompanied by fire and thick clouds of smoke, indicating damage to the Russian equipment.

Kyiv Post could not independently verify the date and location of the footage.

According to open sources, the cost of the station is $25 million.

The Russian army adopted this complex in 2018. The R-416GM radio relay station was first demonstrated at the Russian defense exhibition in 2017.

The station increases the efficiency of radio relay communication and significantly expands the visibility of objects, enhancing the command and staff work efficiency of military formations.

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