A video circulating on social media reportedly captures a Russian tank being blown up by a mine and then finished off with a well-aimed strike by a Ukrainian drone.

The Telegram channel Butusov Plus reported that the tank was destroyed by a precise drone strike by a company of attack drones from the 110th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU).

The exact location of the incident and the type of drone used to destroy the Russian tank were not specified and Kyiv Post was unable to independently verify the time and place of the footage.

The video initially shows the tank detonating after hitting a mine, followed by a powerful explosion, apparently caused by a Ukrainian drone strike. Thick clouds of smoke, fire, and a strong subsequent detonation can be seen.


A Ukrainian military officer interviewed by Kyiv Post suggested that the tank destroyed during this operation could be a T-72. However, he did not rule out the possibility that it could be a T-64 or another type.

The value of new T-72 tank ranges from between $3 - 4 million, depending on the configuration, while an older Soviet T-72 can cost as little as half a million dollars.

The 68th Jaeger Brigade, a veteran formation of the War in Ukraine, previously shared a video showing the destruction of a Russian tank company in eastern Ukraine. Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesman for the Khortytsia grouping of forces, confirmed to the state-run news agency Ukrinform that the video was authentic.

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He disclosed that on the Pokrovsk axis, the Ukrainian Defense Forces had destroyed eight Russian tanks and disabled two more, which equates to a tank company.

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