The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) attacked oil depots in Russia’s Rostov region last night with drones, sources tell Kyiv Post.

“Last night was the most explosive for Rostov’s Azovskaya and Azovnefteprodukt oil depots, which have 22 fuel tanks in total,” the source said.

Local residents were counting explosions all night long and complaining that another drone had hit the target. It was especially loud near the railway station and near the port, where oil depots and fuel terminals are located. After the SBU drones were successfully tested, powerful fires broke out at the facilities.

“The SBU will continue to impose ‘drone sanctions’ against the Russian oil refining complex and reduce the enemy’s economic potential, which provides the aggressor with resources to wage war against Ukraine,” the source said.


According to the local governor, tanks with oil products caught fire in Azov as a result of the UAV attack. According to preliminary reports, there were no casualties, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations organized the extinguishing of the open fire. The head of the regional department for civil defense and emergencies arrived at the scene.

The total area of the fire was 5,000 square meters; 70 firefighters, 21 pieces of equipment and a fire train were involved in the firefighting.

A month ago, Kyiv Post’s Ukrainian intelligence sources confirmed a successful special operation by HUR in the Proletarsky district of the Rostov region of the Russian Federation. At that time, a fire broke out at a fuel depot due to a kamikaze drone attack.

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