A disturbing video showing a Russian politician running over a small child before driving away and leaving him writhing in agony on the road, has sparked widespread condemnation.

Sergey Mamontov, 67, a local member of parliament representing Putin’s United Russia party in Tatarsk, Novosibirsk Region, was caught on CCTV mowing down the child in his Toyota RAV4.

In the horrific footage, the child can be seen crossing a quiet side road before Momaontov, a staunch Putin supporter, turns the corner and careers into him. The boy is then dragged under the car and left in a heap on the road.

Exiting his vehicle, Mamontov walks over to the boy, who can be seen rolling around in severe pain, before looking around, throwing his hands up, getting back into the car and driving away.

Warning: Some of our readers may find the following video upsetting.


The six-year-old child has since been identified as the son of Svetlana Chernomorova, 35, who has joined officials from the Novosibirsk Region prosecutor’s office in demanding that a criminal case be opened.

Mamontov failed to report the incident to the police and did not call an ambulance, yet has still not been detained.

After the footage met with widespread outrage upon being circulated on social media platforms, Yulia Shvets, a senior party official from United Russia announced that the politician would be expelled. She said that his behavior had “caused nothing but bewilderment and disgust.”

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“Someone who crushes a child and leaves him on the road without help can hardly even be called a person in the full sense of the word. He must be punished to the full extent of the law.”

“As for United Russia, it will shamefully expel Mamontov from the party and provide support to the injured boy and his family”.

After being rushed to intensive care, as of Oct. 31, the boy was said to be in a stable condition, had received stitches to his head injuries, and was suffering from abdominal pain. The child’s mother confirmed that her son had suffered a fractured head and hip from the shocking incident.

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