The INSIGHT art project is an understanding of something that is not obvious. Cultural and artistic information provide such an understanding. If we start from the meaning of the word itself, this could be a sudden insight, a rethinking, and a change of perspective.

This exhibition, in the large hall of the Lavra gallery from September 22 to October 20, is about remembering facts and psycho-emotional pictures that help to get to the heart of events and to overcome life’s obstacles. Art is the subconscious.

Here, insight is achieved when we recognize ourselves in a situation and say: “But it’s about me!” In painting, this is a multi-layered feeling – a reading of ideas of different polarities simultaneously. In abstraction, a spot, a line, an edge-outline of a canvas, a textured grain of a surface, the smell of paint and solvent, and a separate name play an important role and represent an image.

Sculpture “He” by Evhen Prymachenko – the INSIGHT exhibition. Photo by Aleksandra Klitina.
“I don’t know this man” by Yuriy Denisenko – the INSIGHT exhibition.

To experience INSIGHT is to feel weightlessness and an altered state from viewing a painting at an exhibition or a film.

Video and photo structure reality and introduce counterpoints. In them, you can plunge into timelessness and feel the distance between the viewer and reality. INSIGHT is a real dream, a feeling of transcendence and self-irony when recognizing oneself in the surrounding people, habits, and objects.

Tetyana Myronova, Director of the Lavra Gallery, commented, “We are glad that young artists perceive the space of the Lavra Gallery as the most interesting for their topical expressions. After all, our main task is to make the Lara gallery not only an exhibition space but also a multimedia space for cultural dialogues and creative collaborations between different types of art.”

Mikhail Reva: Stirring the Soul – With Shrapnel Transformed Into Art
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Mikhail Reva: Stirring the Soul – With Shrapnel Transformed Into Art

When the war came down on his home, Ukraine’s best-known sculptor felt compelled to transform the destruction into a defiant act of creative transformation.

Artists: Anna Voytenko, Yuriy Denisenkov, Andriy Dudchenko, Olga Kasyanyuk, Anton Lohov, Oleksandr Lyapin, Evgeny Prymachenko, Andriy Sydorenko.

Curator: Anton Lohov.

Artwork by Oleksandr Lyapin – the INSIGHT exhibition.
Artwork by Anton Lohov – the INSIGHT exhibition.
Artwork by Oleksandr Lyapin – the INSIGHT exhibition.
“The boy who was lost” by Andriy Dudchenko – the INSIGHT exhibition.
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