The Federal security service of Russia (FSS) is looking for Ukrainians in Moscow to accuse them of potential terrorist attacks, according to the Sept. 2 Facebook page of Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate. Special attention is paid to former citizens of Ukraine and, in general, Ukrainians by origin, while employees of the special services search for citizens of the Russian Federation who have a negative attitude to the war against Ukraine.

“In the city, groups of people dressed in civilian clothes, who introduce themselves as FSS officers, are conducting door-to-door inspections. Residents are asked if there are Ukrainians living nearby, or if someone rents housing to Ukrainians. They are also investigating the attitude of citizens to the so-called special military operation,” the report says.


One of the specified goals of these actions is to prevent the formation and spread of a negative attitude toward the war in the capital of Russia, which is why so much attention is paid to identifying people who can influence the formation of independent public opinion regarding the actions of the authorities.

Recently, a homegrown Russian terrorist group claimed responsibility for the car-bombing assassination of Russian propagandist and activist Darya Dugina on the outskirts of Moscow. However, the Russian response contends her death was the result of the Ukrainian special services. This campaign could produce a negative perception of Ukrainians as terrorists and radicals. Therefore, we can expect future terrorist attacks on Russian territory from the Russian authorities, with subsequent accusations of this against Ukrainians.

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These provocations are directed at an internal audience in order to turn the population against Ukrainians, to introduce further troop mobilization and in order to equate the executioner with the victim, Russia and Ukraine, to the Western audience.

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