Two locations in the western Russian city of Bryansk where oil is stored were seen ablaze overnight on April 25, according to numerous open-source intelligence reports on social media platforms.

A Russian military is also based near the Western Russian city located about 100 kilometers from Ukraine’s border. The city is a key transit point for Russian military armor on the way to Ukraine. Oil is also crucial for the country’s war effort.

Numerous videos showed an oil depot alight as well as a refinery belonging to Russian state-owned Rosneft, the online reports said while providing geolocation coordinates.

OSINTdefender on Twitter said the oil depot is named “druzhba” (friendship). It is unclear if the oil there is attached to the eponymous pipeline that pumps hydrocarbons further west.

The two locations of the fires reported in the western Russian city of Bryansk on April 25, 2022.

Russian media so far has been quiet about the fires and only reported on the incidents while citing the Emergency Services Ministry.

Russia launched a renewed invasion of neighboring Ukraine on Feb. 24 with a multi-pronged attack that has since dwindled to focusing on taking territory in the eastern Donbas area and in the south.

Thousands of military personnel and civilians have been killed and about a quarter of Ukraine’s population has been displaced, with more than 5 million fleeing the country abroad.

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