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Kyiv Post Chief Editor on TVP World on African Leaders Urging Putin to Consider Peace Plan

TVP World discusses the outcomes of the Russia-Africa summit and Putin's alleged study of a peace plan suggested by African leaders with Bohdan Nahaylo, Chief Editor of the Kyiv Post.

While Putin is reportedly "carefully studying" a peace plan to end the war he started by invading Ukraine, the fighting intensifies as the Ukrainian army pushes ahead with its counter-offensive. A question mark hangs over the thousands of tonnes of grain and fertilizer trapped in the port of Sevastapol as a result of Putin pulling out of the grain deal and, as if that weren’t enough, the Ukrainain navy tries to rebuild itself after amost complete destruction, an enormous challenge in times of war! Bohdan Nahaylo - editor-in-chief of Kyiv Post and a regular contributor to TVP World - comments on these matters. 

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