So, the latest victim of the cold-blooded tyrant and his entourage in the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny, has suddenly “died” in a remote Russian prison.

No need to pull the wool over our eyes. We all understand that Russia’s most prominent political prisoner was killed by the Putin regime.

Whether one liked, or trusted, Navalny, and many Ukrainians certainly had their doubts about him and his vision of Russia, that is not what matters now.

His death is yet another unmistakable and gruesome manifestation of the cold-blooded and dangerous nature of the regime holding power in Moscow and political sway over the still largely docile and imperialistically-minded Russian population and the world’s gullible or overtly anti-Western states, and brazenly challenging the democratic world on all fronts, openly, and esecially by underhand means.


Navalny,was indeed a courageous hero by daring to return to Russia, even at the risk of his own life. Remember the failed attempt in 2020 to poison him in the tradition of Putin’s preferred method of silencing his opponents once and for all.

He showed a year later that he was ready take the political fight back into Russia and present himself as an alternative to the killers in the Kremlin. For this he deserves our recognition.

Navalny may have miscalculated, for the Russian masses, zombified by the Kremlin’s propagandists, did not rally to his side. But his Quixotic attempt to call Russians to their senses, will be remembered in years to come.

Russian Orthodox Church Suspends Navalny Memorial Priest
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Russian Orthodox Church Suspends Navalny Memorial Priest

Patriarch Kirill, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, signed a decree banning priest Dmitry Safronov from giving blessings, carrying a cross or wearing the frock for three years.

Navalny's death, or rather murder, was announced just as the leaders of Russia's democratic opposition in exile were gathering in Vilnius for their latest meeting to further refine their strategy.

It also occurred just as Germany signed an agreement providing Ukraine with security guarantees. And as we know, Navalny was no stranger to Germany and it's from there that he left on his last and fateful journey into Putin’s lion’s den – Russia’s house of horrors.


The murder of the Russian oppositionist leader also coincided with the latest Munich Security Conference at which support for Ukraine and discussion about its future within Euro-Atlantic structures will be among the main topics on the agenda.

And all this as critical battles are going on: in eastern Ukraine in the strategically important town of Avdiivka, which Russia is trying to capture to at least have something to show for all its costly efforts on the frontline as the second anniversary of its war against Ukraine looms; and, on the eve of Russia’s phony presidential election next month in which all rivals to tsar Putin have been eliminated or blocked, to demonstrate that no internal dissent will be tolerated.

In short, Putin and his cronies are continuing to send mixed signals hoping to confuse or debilitate the West. On the one hand, they are pushing the idea of a ceasefire on Russia's terms, that is, with it retaining control over some 20 percent of Ukraine's territory and the West forced to accept the belligerent anti-Western country and its aggressive imperialism as a new normal feature of the international set up; and, on the other, insisting that they will not stop until Ukraine is subdued, if not destroyed, and the West accepts this.


Meanwhile, zero tolerance of dissent within Russia itself.  Its citizens are to remain as mere serfs expected to serve their Kremlin lords without questioning, and as cannon fodder to feed grandiose if atavistic, imperialistic, self-serving, ambitions. 

Navalny’s murder is another stark reminder of who Ukraine and the West are up against. Just as Hitler and his expansionist-minded genocidal Nazi followers were not allowed to get away with redefining the world as per their brutal ideological precepts, so Putin and his latter-day Russian fascist adulators must not be allowed to win and impose a new perverse, anti-democratic, world order on us.

Goerge Orwell – I’m sure you’re with us.

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The doppelgänger of Vladimir, the person who looks like Putin and plays the role now, looks as sick as his model. (And this model was declared terminal sick years ago.)

He has finaly found a western journalist who will not ask after the many civilian victims from Ukraine and from Russia. 
Some from Russia were first recruited as Russian soldiers before they were sent in the meat grinder to make the man who plays Putin unrealistic wishes come true. So with a journalist like that he has not to explain what can not be explained. 

But, perhaps by using it so intensively to do like he forgot that the mirror can also be the used against him. And he starts unknowingly with propaganda against himself. He asks what the Americans do that far from Washington but he forgets to explain what the hell he is doing in a foreign country some 1000 kilometers from Moskow.  That's a lot of propaganda against himself. Is there nothing to do there? Is everything perfect in Moskow?

Anybody who in the coming elections chose this doppelganger not only chose for a cold-blooded tyrant and his entourage in the Kremlin, approve it's way to kill his opponents, but also chose the end of his  country like he can see it every day now and continue with the blind following of one person's ambition with  the live of many. It is not clear that the message of the people will ever be published but it will still be a clear message.
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I’ll tell you what can be done:

All nations in the West break off diplomatic relations with Russia.
Then a new “iron curtain” needs to be built, this time constructed by us, not Russia.
Military spending needs to take place among those countries that have not lived up to the 2% GDP target set by themselves.
In the USA, the American people need to abandon both major parties and elect Nikki Haley as their next President.
That’s enough for starters.
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Russia has successfully established a ‘new normal” because the price is not being paid where it actually counts, amongst Putin’s core supporters who are well shielded from most consequences of genocidal acts in Ukraine and Russian Army personnel , hoodwinked and drafted from remote poor regions of Russia.
Nowa Jan
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"Power tends to corrupt. And an absolute power corrupts absolutely."-Lord Acton. Putin can do anything like killing Navalny-like seizing Crimea-like invading Kyiv-like soon destroying those countries who were involved in the HOLOCAUST because he and subhuman oligarchs have absolute powers.
Joseph Swanson
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Alexey Navalny was another communist playing pretend to be "russian opposition."
In an interview with Echo of moscow radio station in October 2014, Navalny admitted that the Crimean peninsula had been seized through “outrageous violations of all international norms”, and YET asserted that it would “remain part of russia” and would “never become part of Ukraine in the foreseeable future”.
Under a democratically elected government, “the wonderful russia of the future”, as Navalny liked to call post-putlin russia, would still keep Crimea despite the fact that the annexation was illegal. That is because their policies would have to reflect the will of the russian people and the overwhelming majority of russians wanted Crimea to be within russian borders.

Boris Nadezhdin is no better. He portrays himself as "anti war" but when it comes to Ukraine, he believes russia should be allowed to hold onto the territories currently under russian occupation.

As Volodymyr Vynnychenko, one of the central figures of the Ukrainian national liberation movement in 1917-1919, insightfully noted a century ago, “Russian democracy ends where the Ukrainian question begins”.
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I wonder how many oppressed Russians would take the shot if given the chance. You know, that hypothetical, historically absent shot that would have stopped WWII's genocidal tyrant.

What are you going to do about Navalny's death, bereaved russians?

- Follow in Alexei's peaceful protest path, and serve out your remaining short life in prison?
- Vote for another compromised politician controlled by putin?
- Run for office and be falsely disqualified like Boris Nadezhdin or Yekaterina Duntsova?
- Do nothing and hope for different results?

What have you not tried?