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War in Ukraine Energy Economy

Total Defense: How Can Ukraine Safeguard Its Economy and Energy Sector During a Full-Scale War?

In this new episode of Talking Substance, host Alina Hrytsenko interviews Jock Mendoza-Wilson from BUCC on Ukraine's EU trade, energy security, and future.

Apr. 12

In this new episode of Talking Substance, host Alina Hrytsenko speaks with guest Jock Mendoza-Wilson, Joint Chairman of the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC) and Director of International and Investor Relations at System Capital Management, about Ukraine’s trade issues with the EU, its energy infrastructure protection, and its future guarantees.

Their broad-ranging discussion touches on the current tensions with Poland against the background of the farmers’ revolt in the EU, and the further development of Ukraine’s agricultural trade with its European counterparts. They also discuss potential investments and how Ukraine can raise and secure foreign capital during a full-scale war, Russia’s attacks on critical infrastructure, and how Ukraine can secure its energy system with renewables. Additionally, they explore further security guarantees for Ukraine’s economy and defense sectors, and more.