The Kremlin has branded recent drone attacks on Moscow, which Russia claims were conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as “acts of desperation” in the backdrop of their “continuous failures on the battlefield.” 

Speaking at a press briefing, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian President, said the strikes on civilian targets in Moscow were a sign that the Ukrainian military campaign was not going as planned.

“The Kyiv regime has no success. Moreover, the Kyiv regime is in a very, very difficult situation. The special military operation continues. It is obvious that the counteroffensive is not working out the way it was intended,” Peskov said.

“It is also obvious that the multibillion-dollar resources that were transferred by NATO countries to the Kyiv regime are actually being spent inefficiently, spent aimlessly, and this also raises big questions in Western capitals and great discomfort for taxpayers of Western countries,” he added.


Despite the drone attacks on Moscow and the Moscow region, Peskov mentioned no immediate plans to raise the terrorist threat level.

“It is obvious that security measures have already been reinforced, and every possible precaution is being taken to safeguard peaceful locations and residential areas from further attacks initiated by the Kyiv regime,” Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said.

Social media users have met Peskov’s claims with irony, insinuating they were made in a state of inebriation.

Railway Station Destroyed After Russian Attack in Kostyantynivka
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Railway Station Destroyed After Russian Attack in Kostyantynivka

One person was injured in the attack, which also damaged the church and about a dozen houses and shops.

At the same time, a user under the nickname Stefangio asked why Russia has increased the conscription age to 30 if the Ukrainian counteroffensive is not successful.

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Rheinhardt Wilheim
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Nathan kefyalew
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