A large fire has engulfed a warehouse in Odintsovo in Russia’s Moscow Region.

Video and images posted on social media showed a huge blaze and plume of smoke on Wednesday evening.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Moscow Region told RIA Novosti that a warehouse spanning approximately two thousand square meters was ablaze, leading to the emission of visible smoke that extended over several kilometers.


Authorities have localised the fire, and as of the latest update, no information regarding casualties has been reported.

Different versions emerged regarding the nature of the incident. According to several Telegram channels, local residents heard an explosion a moment before the fire erupted.

According to sources from the telegram channel Baza, the fire originated at a warehouse storing beer products on Zelenaya Street.



Additionally, preliminary details from the Mash telegram channel suggest that a construction site in proximity to the 'Odinburg residential complex' was also affected by the fire.


The Russian authorities have repeatedly reported that the air defence forces shot down drones in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region earlier, specifically in early July, August 1st, 9th, and 10th.

All those incidents were attributed to the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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A beer warehouse blew up and produced that smoke cloud and explosion? Pull the other one!!!

Mark Szaszy
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Biden is a despicable coward! He proved it abandoning Afghanistan and now he’s proven it again abandoning Ukraine without the vital weapons Ukraine has begged him for for months. The spineless idiot is totally intimidated by a weak pathetic bully Putin. Instead of fully supporting Ukraine supplying VITAL ATACMS, stopping dithering delays to allowing US and allied delivery of fully equipped modern F16’s, attack helicopters and urgent artillery ammunition and mine clearing equipment Biden just sits shaking on the cowards fence of indecision watching more Ukrainians suffer and die while Russia wins the war sending the whole world to hell.

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@Mark Szaszy, Trump would have done nothing to help Ukraine, so what's your point?

Dick Fitzwell
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@Mark Szaszy, Biden didn't abandon Afghanistan, Trump did, retard. Trump signed the evacuation order, but then LOST the election, leaving Biden to clean up his mess.