The first shipment of American Abrams tanks is scheduled to arrive in Ukraine September, according to exclusive reports from Politico citing sources within the US Department of Defense.

31 American tanks are promised to Ukraine, an initial ten are expected to make their way to Ukraine by mid-September.

The report further reveals that these tanks are currently located in Germany, undergoing final refurbishments to ensure their operational readiness.

At the same time, around 200 Ukrainian soldiers have been honing their tank warfare skills on trainer tanks at US Army training facilities in Germany. These soldiers have recently concluded one of the final phases of their training, a combined arms battalion force-on-force exercise at Hohenfels Training Area, ensuring they are well-prepared to operate the advanced Abrams tanks.


As part of their commitment to supporting Ukraine, international partners have earlier pledged to transfer approximately 300 tanks, including Abrams, Leopard 2, Challenger, and Leclerk.

The arrival of the American Abrams tanks is eagerly anticipated and marks a significant development and bolsters Ukraine's forces during the ongoing summer offensive.

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