Slovak premier Robert Fico said Friday that the Ukraine war risks lasting until 2030 if peace talks are not started.

The populist left-winger won September's general election, pledging during the campaign to discontinue the military aid given to Ukraine by previous governments.

"This conflict is frozen, it is in a state wherein it may last until 2029 or 2030," Fico told reporters in Prague after meeting his Czech counterpart Petr Fiala.

"It is better to lead talks for 10 years in peace or with suspended combat operations than to go to the negotiations table after 10 years without any result, only to find out that we have another 500 or 600 thousand dead," he added.

Fico's three-party cabinet comprising far-right ministers has already blocked a 40.3-million-euro ($44-million) military aid package to Ukraine planned by the previous administration.


The Czech Republic and Slovakia both accepted thousands of Ukrainian war refugees, but have now split over whether to continue military aid.

"I am convinced it still makes sense because Ukraine needs our help for its courageous struggle," said the Czech Republic's Fiala.

Fico insisted that while his country would not provide Ukraine with further military aid, it would not object to others offering it.

"If the Czech Republic or any other country in the world or Europe decides to provide Ukraine with military aid, we won't condemn anyone."

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