Russian former city councilor and pro-peace politician Yekaterina Duntsova vowed to form a political party on Wednesday after authorities confirmed she would not be able to run in the elections in 2024.

The vote in March is expected to easily hand a fifth term to Russian President Vladimir Putin, with mostly Kremlin-friendly candidates allowed to run.

Russia's electoral commission on Saturday had rejected Duntsova's application, citing “mistakes in documents” – a decision upheld on Wednesday.

“The Supreme Court turned down my request to allow me to run for president. But we cannot give up and we will create our own political party!” Duntsova said on Telegram.

Duntsova would still not be able to run in the upcoming presidential vote even if she sets up a party.

But she said she wanted to form a movement for the “tens of millions” of Russians who wanted “a peaceful democratic future and simple common sense” but had no party representing them.


Candidates from political parties lacking MPs in the national parliament, like liberal opposition party Yabloko, have a less arduous procedure to participate in a presidential election than independents.

They have to gather signatures of 100,000 supporters by the end of January, while independent candidates have to find 300,000.

Duntsova said like-minded Russians could still support Boris Nadezhdin – from the Civic Initiative Party – gather the signatures to be a candidate.

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You go girl (Ms. Yekaterina Duntsova).

putin is a russian grown problem and it would meet international hygienic standards if the Russians now take out their trash. Be inspired by the rapid progression Ukrainians are making towards meeting EU's high human & legal standards / moral principles. Russia can also work towards returning to the civilized world, but only once they get rid of putin's criminal regime.

"'Even the smallest person can change the course of history." -J.R.R. Tolkien. Just one good Russian can change their countries path.