Sources in Ukraine’s military intelligence confirmed to Kyiv Post that: “a corpse has been removed from a safe house used by Anton Kuznetsov-Krasovsky, the former director of Russia Today.”

The Russian propagandist has called for the genocide of Ukrainians as a “final solution” and for the murder of Ukrainian children by burning and drowning.

Ukrainian intelligence elaborated no further on the corpse that was removed from the apartment from which Krasovsky was taken to hospital after his poisoning, however, according to an anonymously-run Telegram channel, Cheka-OGPU, the corpse belonged to the propagandist’s friend and lover, Alexei Chernykh, an actor at Et Cetera theater.

On Dec. 25, Ukrainian military intelligence first confirmed Krasovsky’s poisoning to Kyiv Post.


On the same day, Cheka-OGPU posted that it had spoken with a “good friend” of Chernykh, who, according to it, said:

“For some reason, Alexey said that this (his apartment) was an FSB (the successor to the KGB) safe house. People are hidden there, secret meetings are held.”


The good friend further feared that Chernykh’s death might signal the start of a hunt for members of the gay community, Cheka-OGPU posted.

While Ukrainian intelligence has not acknowledged playing a part in Chernykh’s death – it has carried out special operations against Russian collaborators and propagandists in the past, including against Illia Kyva, a former lawmaker in Ukraine’s parliament who turned to Russia.

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In this and other cases, the factors behind the assassination were unrelated to the target’s sexual orientation (heterosexual in Kyva’s case), but rather that the man was a: “top traitor, collaborator and propagandist” and “one of the biggest scumbags,” as Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service said in a televised interview.

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