Russia plans to equip Kh-32 missiles with cluster munitions, partisans from the National Resistance Center (NRC) claims.

The underground movement said that it received documents from the Dubna Machine-Building Plant in the Moscow region indicating that the Russian Ministry of Defense tasked engineers with modernizing cruise missiles with cluster munitions in October.

The NRC has not yet recorded cases of the Russians using cluster munitions, but calls on Ukrainians to promptly respond to air alarms, “because the enemy disregards international law and is ready to use more lethal weapons against the civilian population.”

On Dec. 19, Ukrainian partisans in the ATESH movement announced that they had confidential documents from the Dubna Machine-Building Plant, revealing problems cruise missile production problems in Russia. 



The partisans found out that the plant failed to fulfill the annual state order.

“By Nov. 10, the plant was supposed to produce 80 missiles but actually produced only 61. According to a source in the plant's management, the state order was too large and exceeded the plant's capabilities by more than three times,” an ATESH movement partisan said.

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Eric Zimmerman
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As if they weren't big enough nazis already. Smdh..
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And where is the UN's condemnation of these plans as it's already obvious that russia targets civilians with these weapons?

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@Mark, lol, biden gave ukraine cluster munitions, dumbazz. Ukraine used them. Spare me the handwringing now. Newsflash, ukraine is just as corrupt as Russia. When zelensky took over all media in ukraine and banned opposition political parties, he became putin. Ukraine is not an ally, they are another pathetic little oligarchy. Then again, I'm betting you voted for "pay me" joe biden anyway.

Eric zimmerman
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@Lance, Zelnsky didn't ban opposition parties, you spoon. There is a blackout on taking pictures of the devastation russia is inflicting on civilians, but that's only because they use the pictures to adjust fire. When Zelensky starts jailing people who oppose him and tossing people out of windows or invading their neighbors to steal their land, then you can call him putin.