Ukrainian partisans have scouted a Russian missile factory near Moscow, saying the “military facility must be destroyed” and vowing to do so.

The “Tactical Missile Arms” corporation, is one of Russia's major defense industry enterprises engaged in missile production.

The ATESH movement, reported on Telegram, that its members had conducted external reconnaissance of the corporation's central office in Korolev, Moscow region.

According to ATESH, the corporation is involved in the design and manufacturing of components for a range of missiles including the Bastion and Yakhont (Onyx) anti-ship missiles, Rubezh ICBM, along with Kh-31, Kh-35, Kh-38, Kh-29 air-to-surface missiles, among others.

During their reconnaissance, the partisans say they identified key areas within the facility, such as production shops, chemical and equipment storerooms, and possibly the administrative building holding important documentation.


“This military facility must be destroyed and we will work on it!” the ATESH post said.


This incident follows a pattern of partisan operations that have infiltrated factories related to missile production in Russia. At the beginning of January, ATESH agents successfully breached the main missile attack warning center in in the village of Tymonovo in the Moscow region.

This critical facility serves to provide crucial targeting information to Russian air defense systems by monitoring both incoming combat and training conventional and nuclear missile attacks.

Russian Reports of F-16s Spotted Over Odesa Dismissed as Disinformation
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Russian Reports of F-16s Spotted Over Odesa Dismissed as Disinformation

Russian media cited unnamed social media reports of the sighting of at least four F-16 fighters, having taken off from Romania, making test flights over the western Black Sea.

ATESH released the information about the activities of this military unit following their operator’s departure from Russian territory.

“We obtained detailed information about the status of all individual radio nodes across Russia, understanding their vulnerabilities. This valuable intel was promptly shared with the Defense Forces of Ukraine,” a spokesperson for the partisan movement revealed.

On Jan. 2024, Vadym Skibitsky of Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate (HUR) shared his insight into Russian missile production capabilities. He said Russia is capable of producing up to 115-130 strategic missiles a month but the actual number delivered varies.


Skibitsky added that the air-launched Kh-59 Ovod cruise missile alongside the Kh-31, Kh-35 and Kh-29 variants were mostly used to attack Ukrainian air defenses and radar stations in advance of a massive strike. They consist of mostly Russian components and are not considered a strategic missile. The Russians are capable of producing 100-115 missiles of this class each month.

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