Ivan Sekach, a spokesperson for the 110th separate mechanized brigade, named after Corporal General Mark Bezruchka, disclosed on Radio Svoboda that some units of the brigade were being replaced in Avdiivka by other Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) formations.

“We don't have enough capability to hold the city, but reinforcements are coming, and we're counting on friendly units,” he said.

Sekach reported that, for the first time in almost two years of operation, some units of the 110th brigade were fully withdrawn from combat for rest and rotation.

“Reinforcements have arrived. I won't say what kind of unit it is. But it's powerful support, and we felt slightly calmer when it arrived,” Sekach remarked.

He stated that fighting for the city and the surrounding areas continues in Avdiivka. Russian forces are attempting to sever the supply line and outnumber AFU troops.


Sekach suggested that the Russian troops are endeavoring to take Avdiivka before the presidential elections in Russia scheduled for March.

According to him, Russia holds a complete advantage in aviation. He emphasized that the Ukrainian defense forces cannot influence air raids, bombings of the city, and AFU positions.

“They have a huge number of personnel, with whom they do not count, and they are constantly experimenting in different groups, using armored vehicles,” Sekach stated.

"They have a task and try to do it any way they can," he added.

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The combined drone attack hit the command center and ammo/equipment depot of a military base while the Russians were training, a Kyiv Post source said.

Media outlet Forbes previously reported Ukraine's reinforcement of Avdiivka amidst Russia's attempts to capture the city. The publication mentioned that there are good reasons to believe that the 3rd Assault Brigade, one of the best brigades of the Ukrainian army, could be dispatched to save the city.

“The 3rd Assault Brigade. The only Ukrainian ground-combat brigade that we know for sure was in reserve in eastern Ukraine as of last week,” Forbes stated.

As noted by Forbes, the decision to reinforce Avdiivka was not a predetermined course of action for the Ukrainians. The media outlet observed that Ukrainian troops are taking a significant risk to remain and confront the enemy.


After four months of intense combat, Russian forces breached Avdiivka's defenses and advanced towards the primary supply route used by the Ukrainian garrison, centered around the 110th mechanized brigade.

Forbes underscored the strategic choices facing Commander Oleksandr Tarnavsky of the “Tavria” group at this critical juncture:

Withdraw surviving units of the 110th brigade from the exposed eastern sector of the city and consolidate Ukrainian defenses in the central or western areas of Avdiivka;

Reinforce the 110th Brigade and attempt to repel the larger Russian forces, safeguarding the garrison's vital supply lines.

Tarnavsky highlighted Russia's determination to capture Avdiivka and Novomykhailivka, along with territories reclaimed from the Russians the previous summer.

Dmytro Lykhovii, spokesperson for the Defense Forces of the Tavria region, reported continued assaults on Avdiivka by Russian troops, who have shifted tactics by deploying more armored vehicles, including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.


Over the weekend, Kremlin forces advanced hundreds of meters into Avdiivka, with Ukrainian military officials asserting that Kyiv forces on the front lines were holding firm and inflicting substantial casualties on Russian attackers.

The most elite Russian units are reportedly engaged in fierce combat to control Avdiivka’s Coke and Chemical plant, a strategic site overlooking the critical 00542 highway, which serves as the main supply route in and out of the industrial town.

Vitaliy Barabash, head of the military administration in Avdiivka, confirmed the presence of Russian troops on the city's outskirts and in the private sector.

Despite facing a highly challenging situation, Barabash affirmed that Ukrainian troops successfully repelled attacks by Russian forces from the south and north flanks.

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