Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba wrote on X that he had begun a two-day working visit to New Delhi on Thursday in response to an invitation from his Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

“Ukrainian-Indian cooperation is important, and we will be reinvigorating ties. Building on the dialogue between President Zelensky and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we will pay specific attention to the Peace Formula,” Kuleba said.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, top diplomats of both countries will discuss preparations for the first Global Peace Summit planned to be held in Switzerland, the development of Ukrainian-Indian bilateral relations, trade, and international cooperation.

Kuleba and Jaishankar will also attend a meeting of the Ukrainian-Indian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technical, Industrial and Cultural Cooperation.


Kuleba will also meet representatives of non-governmental organizations, analytical centers, as well as Indian journalists.

Earlier he said that he would be arguing for Indian support to counter Russian aggression during this, his first official visit to India.

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I have lost faith in India's current leadership to make moral decisions. I hope I am wrong, and that this visit somehow benefits Ukraine's defence.

It just seems like such an obvious choice to have at least condemned Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine. Modi can't even do this. There is no such thing as neutral in this war. In my mind, inaction while witnessing a crime is the same as condoning it. Modi's administration, like so many others these days, at best puts fear over fairness and more likely profit over morality.

So I scrubbed plans to vacation there, and avoid buying their products. I also purged all my ETF holdings that held investments in such falsely 'neutral' nations. I'll probably continue to do that until I actually see weapons flow from these into Ukraine. I have a long memory.

I know individually it makes no difference to what I consider putin supporting nations, but my mind rests easier. I suppose if enough others did similarly we would actually live in a more fair world as deviance from fairness would have direct economic consequence. These days I strongly feel it's better for democratic citizens to support the economies that share their values. Democracies are under attack globally. We have no right to complain about the economic pressures these face, if our consumer choices make us part of the problem