Poland dismissed one of its senior generals from his post in command of a major combat formation on Thursday. According to an official statement this was for the possible mishandling of classified information or conduct that could compromise military security.

Lieutenant General Jarosław Gromadziński was dismissed from his position of EUROCORPS commander and ordered to return to Poland immediately, a Polish Defense Ministry statement said.

The statement did not specify the nature of misconduct by Gromadziński or his staff that led to his recall, but cited regulations that specify grounds for the removal of a Polish commander, in order that an intelligence-related investigation might be completed, or in the case of “the needs of the armed forces.”


The statement seemed to imply that a security leak or the mishandling of classified information had been the trigger for the security investigation, saying in part “A professional soldier may be dismissed from his official position in the event of: 1) the needs of the Armed Forces; 2) initiation of inspection verification proceedings... on the protection of classified information.”

Gromadziński told Polish media “I have always put the good of the homeland first, often at the expense of my family. While serving in staff and command positions, at home and abroad, as well as cooperating with NATO allies, I have always represented the Polish soldier's uniform with dignity. I would like to assure you that I have nothing to reproach myself with.”

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Speaking on Ukraine’s telethon on Sunday, the NATO Secretary General rebuffed any prospect of Poland or other NATO nations shooting down Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory.

He continued “I believe that the inspection procedure initiated by the Military Counterintelligence Service will end positively for me.”

EUROCORPS is a major headquarters based in Strasbourg, France which could possibly become the main command group through which European Union nation combat formations would deploy and fight as a combined force under European command sometime in the future.


The headquarters as laid down in its founding documents might operate under NATO control or the UN, or separately. It has no assigned troops.

Poland will appoint a replacement commander to EUROCORPS, the Defense Ministry statement said.

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