President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the United States to provide Ukraine with ATACMS missiles to strike airfields and aircraft in temporarily occupied Crimea.

The Ukrainian President said this in an interview with The Washington Post, according to Ukrinform.

“When Russia has missiles and we don’t, they attack by missiles: Everything — gas, energy, schools, factories, civilian buildings. ATACM-300s, that is the answer,” he said.

Zelensky stressed that Ukraine wants to use the longer-range missiles not to attack Russian territory but those airfields in Crimea.

“When Russia knows we can destroy these jets, they will not attack from Crimea. It’s like with the sea fleet. We pushed them from our territorial waters. Now we will push them from the airports in Crimea,” the President noted.


He recalled that in Munich in February, he took out a map of the targets the ATACMS could hit. “I showed them military platforms like airports, air-defense systems and other sites,” he said

When asked whether he thought President Biden was too cautious in supplying weapons, as hawkish critics sometimes charge, the Ukrainian leader answered that the US president is “cautious about a nuclear attack from Russia.”

Zelensky said that Ukraine’s options depend on what Congress decides. Until Ukraine knows it has continuing US support. He said Ukraine might conduct limited offensive operations, but “to push them out, we need more weapons.”

'No Chance of Winning’ Without US Aid, Zelensky Says
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'No Chance of Winning’ Without US Aid, Zelensky Says

President Zelensky says the political games being played around finalizing US aid have already become a disgrace for the free world and democracy.

“We lost half a year while Congress bickered. We can’t waste time anymore. Ukraine can’t be a political issue between the parties,” the head of the Ukrainian state said.

In this context, he said critics of aid for Ukraine didn’t understand the stakes in the war. “If Ukraine falls, Putin will divide the world” into Russia’s friends and enemies, Zelensky said.

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it is unfortunate the USA has abandoned Ukriane. but not surprising the AMericans force Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons and 10's of thousands non nuclear to Russia, who is using these weapons against Ukraine today.
But Ukraine was fooled into thinking that the Budapest Memorandum was a real commitment to protect and support their nation.. foolish Ukrainians!

the USA never was on board to allow Ukraine to win, just to wear the Russian troops down...

it was the US President in 2014 told Ukraine to not fight against the Russian invasion...

then 2022 Russia performed a full invasion, the Americans did a good job of pulling together nations to assist. but always the decisions were too slow and delivery even slower. then there is the whole issue of providing weapons to win a war! NOT In THE PLANS.

so today the USA governance model is broken, the Putin Party is in control of the nation now and Putin is happy his investments are paying such big dividends...
no these Americans will no longer send weapons nor support to Ukriane, they face a insurrections in November if trump loses.
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@Depau, Its nice to know MRGA trolls also find my posts informative.

Some allies are not taking this war seriously enough. The nations most proximate to russia certainly get it.

Others seem unconcerned, despite putin's ongoing hybrid war against them. His state funded cybercrime forces steal, shut down institutes & infrastructure and spread falsehoods to sow social discontent amongst all our nations. His mercenaries foment coups that funnel refugees to destabilize our borders. Putins' regime funds politicians he has leverage over. They sow falsehoods about non putin aligned opposition.

As this very real crisis unfolds, our media distracts us with who Taylor Swift is dating, Beyonce's new album or puppy pictures. Our economies suffer; civil unrest grows. A hate spewing conman gets low IQ folks angry and makes fake promises that shooting their neighbour will make their country great again. "Heil putinrump" the MRGA masses chant. Elected these despots stack our governments, media and judicial systems with cronies in an attempt to enshrine their dictatorship. Our democracies decay to putin level lies and corruption.

In Ukraine presently; allies finally have clear moral and legal cause to physically take out putins forces of evil. Yet some do little. Some tik-tok attention span nations get bored and quit. Their leadership fails its' naive people. 

For shame! Lead or get out of the way!

Send Ukraine the weapons it needs already!!!
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I don't envy President Zelensky and I admire his patience, diplomacy and leadership. The Budapest Memorandum has been sabotaged by pro-russian influences in the White House (or is it the Red House?) who don't care about Ukraine, and it seems Trump has a personal vendetta against Ukraine. The whole world is watching very closely and the USA's reputation is hanging precariously on a thread. In the future the pledges and support from the USA will be questioned and I think every country will begin to shun the USA in favor of their own weapons development and nuclear weapons.
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Western military aid seems more like a joke than real help... why?

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@Sasha, there appears to be one school of thought that believes russia needs to be dismantled slowly to prevent irrational use of nuclear weapons, akin to boiling a frog slowly as opposed to throwing the frog into boiling water. Then of course the other approach seems to be that the wheels of Western bureaucracy turn very slowly before they get up to speed, whereas the dictatorships supporting russia don't have the same bureaucracy to contend with. Incredible patience seems to be the key here, but unfortunately such patience costs a lot of pain and suffering. I wish this stupid war was over already and I look forward to seeing vladolf putler and his gremlins standing trial in the Hague.
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Just waiting for John’s expert opinion on the topic. John please spread the knowledge

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Ukraine , please depend on yourself more and trust in the Godly guidance .
The political elites and large corporations do have their own interests and greed to make trillions out of arm sales and manufacturing and higher oil and gas prices . Prolonged war benefit these large corporations and gas industry sector...Iraq war and Afghanistan has cost the USA more than 5 trillion dollars benefiting arm sales contractors and many Americans do not approve of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the 21st century ...Prolonged wars do benefit such private contractors and lobbies selling arms equipment ...
May peace , grace and justice come sooner than later...

Jack Griffin 4
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@hope, is a orc soon to be expelled from Ukraines Crimea.