President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, recently sat down for an interview with the US public broadcaster PBS NewsHour.

He delved into the pressing challenges facing Ukraine as it seeks to bolster its defense capabilities, underscored the pivotal role of US assistance, outlined the Ukrainian peace initiative, and offered insights into the collaborative efforts taken by the US and its allies in safeguarding Israel’s skies against the widescale missile and drone attack by Iran.

These discussions unfolded against the backdrop of Ukraine's prolonged and fruitless appeals to its allies for financial support to fortify its air defense systems over the course of several months.

The Kyiv Post has summarized the key points from this discussion, which can be viewed on the broadcaster's YouTube channel.


Ukraine Defends Itself, while Israel Receives Allied Support

“This truly demonstrates allies in action, not just on paper but in the skies and on the ground. It sends an important signal to everyone about how allies aided Israel in repelling the latest Iranian attack,” Zelensky said.

“Ukraine defends its skies independently. While we have allies providing us with certain equipment, we still face shortages. However, the crucial distinction is that Israel didn't defend itself alone; it received allied assistance. Without this support, there would have been significant bloodshed and casualties.”

Ukraine Says Downed 29 Russian Drones
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Ukraine Says Downed 29 Russian Drones

The Ukrainian air force said air defence systems had intercepted the Shahed attack drones over the central Poltava region, the southern Odesa region and the western Lviv region, bordering Poland.

Without US Assistance, Ukraine Stands Little Chance of Winning

“Without this aid, particularly from the US, which is currently delayed in Congress, our chances of victory are slim. We must be significantly stronger than our adversaries. Presently, the artillery shell ratio between us and the enemy is 1 to 10. Can we effectively resist this? No. With such statistics, we risk being pushed back daily,” Zelensky said.

“If we aim to fully protect our territory, we need parity in weaponry - 10 to 10. There are specific weapons necessary for advancing and defending our skies, and our partners have the technical means required.


On Congressional Speaker Johnson's Statements Regarding US Aid

“This is not solely a security matter but pure politics - a disgrace to the world and to democracy. If Congress chooses to divide aid based on political considerations, particularly considering recent events affecting both Israel and Ukraine, it simply reflects the politics of the US election,” Zelensky said.

“Now, the world is populistically advocating for assistance solely to Israel, disregarding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. This indifference implies that the daily loss of lives in Ukraine holds no significance, whereas political ratings do. They forget that the dead don't have ratings.”

“If Ukraine fails, there will be war in other NATO countries,” Zelensky warned.

The Ukrainian Peace Formula

“We've proposed a peace formula to the world, with an initial step being a peace summit scheduled for June in Switzerland. There, we will develop a plan to end the war. It's crucial that this summit excludes Russia to prevent its interference. Currently, Russia aims to obliterate any chance of negotiation. Thus, it falls upon Ukraine to take the initiative towards a just peace,” Zelensky said.


Putin's Intentions Towards Ukraine

Putin seeks victory, not negotiations. His objective is to dismantle Ukraine entirely, claiming it must either become part of Russia or face destruction. We hear concerns from the West about potential repercussions if Russia loses. Yet do they not fear the daily loss of lives here?” Zelensky asked.

“They worry about impending dangers, a potential migration crisis, and the strengthening of China. What about the nuclear weapons on Russian territory? Such messages only add to the disgrace I've mentioned.”

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