Luhansk, a city in eastern Ukraine, was hit by a missile strike late on Tuesday, May 7, causing a fire at an oil depot within the city limits. According to Leonid Pasechnik, the head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (LNR), the attack was carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU).

“Emergency workers are on site. Our main priority now is to extinguish the fire to protect civilians and their homes. We are currently gathering information about any potential casualties. I am personally monitoring the situation closely,” Pasechnik stated.

The Archangel Spetsnaz Z Telegram channel, which supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine, claimed that Luhansk was hit by an ATACMS missile.

The ASTRA press Telegram channel reported that five workers were injured on-site and nearby houses were partially unpowered due to damage to electrical lines at the oil depot.


As of now, neither the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation nor the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has commented on the incident.

This attack is part of a series of strikes on oil refineries in both Russia and the occupied territories of Ukraine since the beginning of 2024.

According to Reuters, at least seven Russian factories shut down their refining capacities in the first quarter of the year.

In response to these attacks, Russia increased its gasoline purchases from Belarus and requested supplies from Kazakhstan.

Russia Launches Overnight Missile Attack Across Ukraine
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Russia Launches Overnight Missile Attack Across Ukraine

The overnight aerial attack came shortly after Russian troops bombed a busy shopping centre in Kharkiv on May 25, which killed at least 12 people and injured 43.
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