The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says its latest modification to its Sea Baby unmanned surface vessels (USV maritime drones) by equipping them with BM-21 “Grad” 122mm multiple rocket launcher systems (MLRS).

 Kyiv Post sources in the intelligence services says that in a combined operation with its navy, the SBU used the modified drones to successfully attack land-based positions of the Russian army on the Kinburn Spit in the Mykolaiv region from the sea overnight on Monday, May 21.

“Our Sea Baby is not just a drone, but a multifunctional platform that is constantly being improved. And today we can confirm that they are equipped with MLRS, and this technological solution is already showing powerful results. So, the enemy is in for new surprises. We are working as efficiently as ever,” the SBU source said.


The SBU showed exclusive footage showing production of the modified Sea Baby drones and test firing of MLRS rockets taken earlier in the winter.

Sea Baby USV were used to destroy part of Crimea’s Kerch Bridge in July 2023. While much of the Sea Baby’s technical specifications and performance remains classified, it is known that the drones are controlled via satellites and capable of carrying 800 kilograms of explosives over a minimum range of 800.

Ukrainian Drone Swarms Swamp Russian Air Defenses – Oil Refineries and Airfield Hit
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Ukrainian Drone Swarms Swamp Russian Air Defenses – Oil Refineries and Airfield Hit

A month of Ukrainian precision strikes against Russian air defenses, particularly in Crimea, has opened the door for waves of kamikaze drones to do their stuff.
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