Russian military blogger Kirill Fedorov hosted a guest who boasted during his broadcast that he'd abducted a girl who worked as a cashier near Russian-occupied Berdyansk for speaking in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky published a segment of the broadcast via Facebook. At the beginning of the story, Fedorov's acquaintance called Mariupol (Donetsk region) and Berdyansk (Zaporizhzhia region) “Russian cities for good.”

“In two years, we cleaned out the khokhlov (khokhol – a pejorative term for a Ukrainian) s**t, he said during the broadcast.

In Berdyansk, Federov's guest said he bought a Mercedes with a Ukrainian license plate. He stopped at a gas station before entering the city. There, the cashier girl told him in Ukrainian, “Good evening, please insert your card.”


“I asked her: why are you talking to me in Ukrainian? She kept silent,” Fedorov's guest said.

After that, he asked the girl again, and she replied: “I want to.”

The milblogger's guest further said they tied the cashier’s hands, abducted her, and brought her to the nearest checkpoint.

“And they put her in the [punishment] basement,” the guest says, chuckling and drumming his hands on the table in triumph.

Kazansky, in turn, stressed that this story serves as strong proof that genocide is taking place in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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“The occupiers are persecuting and torturing people not even for actions or political views, but simply for the fact of belonging to the Ukrainian people,” he wrote.

“You speak Ukrainian, you are a Ukrainian—these sadists will take you to the basement, mock you, and happily brag about it on their streams, knowing that they will face no consequences in Russia,” he said.

Previously, Russian milblogger Yegor Guzenko released footage from a basement in the “Donetsk People’s Republic” where Russian soldiers who showed disobedience were being held. Many of them were severely injured, with amputated arms and legs.


“This is how they [the soldiers] live, [expletive] in the Russian army. Those who are no longer needed are hidden from everyone in pigsties,” Guzenko said.

The Russian Astra Telegram channel has identified 16 punishment basements.

Astra published a video from a punishment basement in Rozsipne – “Luhansk People’s Republic” – for Russian servicemen who refused to fight in Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

The footage captured shows them sitting and sleeping on boards or directly on concrete, using flashlights for lighting, and plastic bottles for toilets.

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