Despite claims of neutrality, the Chinese government actually supports Russia in the war against Ukraine by providing advanced technologies, according to US Ambassador in Beijing Nicholas Burns, Sky News reported.

China sided with Russia

As Burns said during a speech at the Chinese Financial Center in Shanghai, despite claiming neutrality, China has provided a number of services and technologies to the Kremlin and maintained strong trade ties with Moscow throughout the full-scale invasion.

According to Burns, Russia’s full invasion, now in its third year, has become an “existential crisis” in Europe.

Burns said that the US government considers it a “big mistake” to allow thousands of Chinese companies to send technical components, microprocessors and nitrocellulose to Russia to strengthen and modernize its defense and industrial base.


“China is not neutral, but actually sided with Russia in this war,” the ambassador said.

Zelensky scolded China for trying to disrupt the Peace Summit

President Volodymyr Zelensky, on the sidelines of the Asian Security Summit in Singapore on June 2, said that Beijing worked to prevent other countries from going to the Bürgenstock Peace Summit.

“It’s possible not to help Ukraine and the civilized world to end the war,” Zelensky said. “But it seems to me that disrupting the Peace Summit, taking steps to weaken the level of presence of countries, doing everything to prevent some leaders from going to the Peace Summit, putting pressure on them - this definitely does not bring peace closer. And this is not only support for Russia, it is actually support for the war.”

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In response to Zelensky's statement, Chinese representatives claimed that they “never fanned or stoked the fire of the Russian-Ukrainian war.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that all efforts to support peaceful measures in the war should be recognized and that China attaches great importance to relations with Ukraine and remains its largest trade partner. She claimed China’s position on participation in the Peace Summit in Switzerland “open and transparent.”

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