Suspilne's investigative team has released a shocking list provided by an anonymous source that identifies 151 Russian army instructors.

These “specialists” train newly mobilized Russian soldiers, but their activities are shrouded in secrecy, with no public information available and efforts to keep their roles hidden.

Along with their names, investigators have obtained their contact information, military specialties, war participation records, and awards.

Among these individuals, 12 are identified as traitors with Ukrainian citizenship who have either betrayed their country or are actively participating in the war in Ukraine in some capacity.

One such figure is 48-year-old private Vyacheslav Moskalenko, who instructs Russian recruits on the use of anti-tank missile systems and grenade launchers.


Moskalenko's dark history includes participation in the “Donbas PMC,” a group of militants who fought voluntarily in eastern Ukraine from 2014 to 2022.

He was also involved in the Russian assault on Mariupol in the spring of 2022. Despite being a native of Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region, Moskalenko holds dual Russian and Ukrainian citizenship, though he stridently expresses his disdain for Ukraine on social media.

In 1999, Moskalenko was convicted of theft and imprisoned but was released on parole in 2001.

Defying a travel ban, he fled to Moscow and was listed as a fugitive in Ukraine until at least 2010. He later married a Russian woman, Yulia Shpak, settled in Voronezh, and acquired a Russian passport.

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Initially placed in a detention facility, Ivan Popov, the popular paratrooper general, has been allowed to await the outcome of an ongoing investigation at home.

Investigative journalists, posing as Russian propagandists, contacted Viacheslav to confirm his ongoing role as an instructor. He revealed his willingness to continue training, showing interest in the identity of his trainees.

Another individual on the list is Mykola Klochko, a 64-year-old originally from Bakhmut, Ukraine, now residing in Alushta, Crimea. Despite projecting a serene lifestyle on social media, Klochko is employed by the Russian army.


A veteran of the Afghan war and recipient of the Soviet Order of the Red Star, he currently trains mobilized Russians in weaponry and tactics as a lieutenant colonel.

Klochko’s past includes running a business in Ukraine, renting sports and leisure equipment. After Crimea's illegal annexation, he swiftly obtained Russian citizenship but seemingly retains his Ukrainian passport, with business activities still listed in Ukrainian registers. As of 2020, he reportedly held an account in a Ukrainian bank. Since 2017, Klochko has been officially registered as a Russian entrepreneur, engaging in trade, repairs, and property rentals.

The comprehensive list of Ukrainian traitors now serving the Russian military can be accessed here.

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