Marine Le Pen, the figurehead of the French far-right National Rally (RN) party, told CNN that if her party wins the upcoming parliamentary elections, her government will prohibit Ukrainian forces from using long-range French weapons to strike Russian territory.

This stance contrasts with current President Emmanuel Macron's policy, which permits such usage as part of France's military aid to Ukraine.

France votes in legislative elections on Sunday, July 7,  that will be decisive in determining its political future. The far-right could become the largest party in parliament for the first time.

Le Pen has also emphasised that a National Rally-led government would not deploy French military personnel to Ukraine if elected.

Macron has previously suggested the possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine, though he clarified that not ruling out an option does not equate to taking action.


"If Emmanuel Macron wants to send troops to Ukraine, and the prime minister is against it, then no troops will be sent," Le Pen asserted, highlighting the prime minister's decisive role.

Le Pen's justification for limiting military support is her belief that France should avoid direct involvement in the war.

Centrist President Emmanuel Macron called the snap elections three years ahead of time after his forces were trounced in June's legislative elections, a gamble which many observers believe backfired.

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The National Rally secured first place in the initial round of parliamentary elections, winning 76 seats.

The final outcome, determining the allocation of the remaining 501 seats, will be decided in the second round on July 7.

Polls predict a likely victory for the National Association, although the party may not achieve an absolute majority but could still be invited to form the government.

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