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What Would a Putin Election Defeat Mean for War in Ukraine?

Whilst electoral failure is an unlikely scenario, views of ordinary people are divided on who is really steering the machinery of war in the Kremlin.

Dec. 22, 2023

Russia’s forthcoming presidential election looks like a dead-cert for incumbent Vladimir Putin. But if he were to lose his grip on power, could that spell the end of the on-going invasion of Ukraine, or might things drag on or become even more deadly?

It’s a question that many consider moot, but the answers reveal just who or what people consider to be the driving force behind Russia’s war – be it Putin, the military, “Russian deep state” or something else.

Kyiv Post’s correspondents took to the streets of Washington D.C., London and Kyiv to talk to ask ordinary people a straight-up question: “If Putin loses power in 2024, what would it mean for the war in Ukraine?”

Watch the video to find out what polled individuals think.