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Thinking Out Loud: Thoughts before Christmas New-Style. Words of Seasonal Gratitude

Kyiv Post Chief Editor says thank you to all those who have supported Ukraine through 2023 and will stay with us in the New Year.

Kyiv Post's Chief Editor, on the occasion of the Old-Style St. Nicholas/Father Christmas Day, says thank you to all of Ukraine's external supporters.

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Steve Austin
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A nice message, recieved with thanks around the world.

Thanks so much to you and your team. I have only recently discovered your news outlet but it has become a daily visit for me, telling the real stories of this war and its effect on people. Despite your obvious position in the conflict I still see true journalism, objective unbiased reporting, verified sources, articles and stories, not the fake news and propaganda that we in the west are bombarded with.

Your integrity shines like a beacon of hope in the darkness. It's every bit as important to the war effort as those in the military.

To deliver bad news as well as good must be difficult but it is important for people in the west to compare to the garbage and bravado coming out of Moscow. In our eyes this is how you stand apart and are trusted and admired.

Seasons greetings and best wishes from Britain.