On March 7, Joseph Biden, the President of the United States and supposedly the leader of the Free World, began his State of the Union address to Congress by touching on the most important issue of them all – Ukraine.

He stated that this heroic and embattled nation was in dire need of financial and military assistance in its lonely struggle to defend this Free World from the Rashist horde. He correctly compared Putin to Hitler and then pivoted to remind the audience of his esteemed predecessors who had delivered speeches in the very same room: Franklin D. Roosevelt, who defeated Nazism in Germany, and Ronald Reagan, who crushed that other Evil Empire – Soviet communism.

Biden spoke with utter sincerity, but no one seemed to believe him – not in Ukraine, in Russia, or in Europe. His admirable words seemed to have no effect. He had made almost the same statement five months ago in an address to the nation after Russia’s ally Iran and its proxy terrorists attacked Israel. Biden at that time turned his words into deeds by submitting legislation to Congress, asking it to allocate $60 billion of military aid to Ukraine.


But over the course of those five months we witnessed Donald Trump, a traitor to his own country and a sworn enemy of the free world, threaten and blackmail Republicans into blocking the legislation from coming to the floor, eventually even getting them to withdraw their compromise bill on military aid and the southern border. In his rush to please Putin, Trump is no longer trying to hide his desire to extinguish Ukraine’s fighting spirit.

British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 15 July 2024
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British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 15 July 2024

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Biden is responsible not only for failing to push that bill through Congress. For the first two years of the war, when the totalitarian sect gunning for the second coming of Trump had yet to cow a majority of Republicans into submission (at the time they were still fully in favor of aid to Ukraine), the Biden administration decided to play it safe and took much too long in approving each successive request for essential military shipments.


Biden has also, time and time again, obediently joined the progressive chorus of the far-left as it whines in unison: “Anything but war! We must do all we can to keep this conflict from escalating into a regional war.”

For decades, Europeans sat in their cozy cafes, safely protected by NATO Article 5, engaged in wholly unproductive discussions on the establishment of a European army.

The whole world is watching as two fascist regimes attempt to annihilate two heroic nations. These nations are fighting not only for their very existence but for the future of the Free World as well. It’s hypocritical to call for a de-escalation. A de-escalation would mean surrendering to war criminals.

No, my friends – anything but peace. The US must insist on an escalation. But an escalation that would result in many fewer deaths than we are seeing now on a daily basis.

The West needs to tap into NATO’s immense stores of high-precision weaponry – aircraft, drones, long-range missiles, anti-aircraft defense systems, tanks – and ship it all to Ukraine in the amounts necessary for a VICTORY (that is to say, an expulsion of the occupiers from Ukrainian territory). The Ukrainian military will then enthusiastically complete the rest of the mission on its own.


I have made numerous such appeals, Urbi et Orbi, but then my hope gradually turned to despair. The US political class simply doesn’t have the will. But now it looks as though another great power might step up to the plate.  

Trump’s success in blocking military aid to Ukraine and the increasing possibility that he might return to the Oval Office have truly rattled European leaders. They have looked on helplessly as the basic foundations of peace and security on the continent, unshakeable for 75 years, have begun to crumble. For decades, these Europeans sat in their cozy cafes, safely protected by NATO Article 5, engaged in wholly unproductive discussions on the establishment of a European army. Eventually they looked over their shoulder and realized the only existing European army at the moment was the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine – hardened in vicious battle as they kept the Asiatic horde from reaching Europe once again.

“Guaranteeing the security of Europe today requires more than merely rendering aid to this army – we must become an organic component of it. We must supplement it with the most advanced military equipment.” French president Emmanuel Macron was the first to articulate this in a clear, persuasive manner, and in the language of Descartes and Pascal to boot. His recent statements directed at Moscow have been defiant and challenging.


We find ourselves today in another 1938 situation and we simply must end up on the right side of History. France is doing all it can to defeat Russia in this war. The aggressor must vacate all Ukrainian territory that it has occupied since 2014. If need be, France and some of its allies are also willing to send their troops to Ukraine. French (and British) military experts are already deployed there to maintain the Storm Shadow and SCALP missile systems that we installed.

In any case, we have no intention of declaring any self-imposed red lines or any restrictions on the kind or number of weapons we can send to Ukraine. And we will be the ones to decide the number of service personnel to be deployed to maintain these systems (air defense system operators, air force pilots, electronic warfare specialists, etc.).

It’s been a long time since someone talked to those Petersburg gangsters the way Macron did. But that’s how they needed to be dealt with from the very beginning. The course of this world war, even history itself, seems to be pushing a new figure to the forefront, someone to assume the unfortunately vacant role of Leader of the Free World.

The heads of the Kremlin organized crime syndicate, blindsided by all this, responded with a reflexive boast about their Sarmats and their Poseidons. But Macron did not take the bait from these amateurs and simply noted, “France also has nuclear weapons.” And the discussion on nuclear strategy was over.


“How is it that we aren’t responding to this outrageous rhetoric from Macron? Why aren’t we bombing France, striking them hard with at least our world-class conventional weapons?” – so goes the almost hysterical response from Russian patriotic Z-thugs on all the Youtube and Telegram channels over the past few days.

The answer to those questions is simple: in such a scenario, the retaliatory long-range missile strikes from the combined air power of France, the UK, Sweden, Poland, Finland and possibly other NATO members would hit targets not only in Ukraine but deep inside Russia as well. And no one will ask Grandpa Biden for permission. Europe might not have infantry divisions at the moment capable of relieving the Ukrainians on the front lines, but it has more than enough fire power to conduct strikes on Russia. The European Army should ensure Russia’s defeat by Jan. 21, 2025.

We have no intention of declaring any self-imposed red lines or any restrictions on the kind or number of weapons we can send to Ukraine.

And what else do the Kremlin gangsters have to counter this Macron Doctrine? The Patrushev Ryazan Doctrine, naturally.

More than likely, the Russian intelligence services will move quickly to activate the “Islamic terrorist” sleeper cells they control in France. We will hear about them shortly.


As for Russia itself, if we are to believe the chorus of panicked Western diplomats in Moscow, Platonich (Patrushev) has already scattered the powder around. This refers to a September 1999 incident in Ryazan when Nikolai Patrushev was director of the FSB. Suspicious sacks of white powder were found in a residential building. Residents were evacuated. They were later informed that the sacks contained sugar, not explosives, and that the FSB was conducting a training exercise.

And it’s likely that several “Ryazan'” scenarios will unfold in the coming weeks. The first pilot group of “Islamic terrorists” were dealt with the other day in Kaluga oblast. The cover story was that they were about to attack a synagogue in Moscow.  

The objective behind these run-of-the-mill provocations is to provide justification for instating martial law and beginning a large-scale mobilization. The regime will then conduct a purge of those against the war along with anyone who dares to ask any uncomfortable questions.  The Z-thugs might actually be first in line.

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