Yulia Tymoshenko, leader of Ukraine’s “Fatherland" party, was spotted relaxing at a villa belonging to a five-star hotel on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Island at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, her colleagues from the Russia-linked and now banned "Opposition Platform for Life" party – Natalia Korolevska, Vadym Stoliar, and Suto Mamoyan – seem to have moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for good, according to an investigation by news outlet Ukrainska Pravda (UP).


Russia’s unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine has triggered mass migration from Ukraine, and while ordinary Ukrainians have been seeking welfare support in European states, members of the "political establishment" have been spending their fortunes in the Persian Gulf.



Tymoshenko, a longstanding Ukrainian politician, was spotted by a UP special correspondent resting at the villa of the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Dubai.


According to the investigation, Tymoshenko reportedly tries to stay out of public view as much as possible, for example she avoids walks on the popular embankment and, when leaving her villa by car, prefers to do so from the underground parking lot rather than on the street.


Journalists spotted Tymoshenko and her husband on the closed private beach of the hotel on Jan. 5. Five days after having drawn attention to herself, she reportedly returned to Kyiv.


UP, citing its own sources in business circles, reported that the family of the politician's daughter moved to Dubai before the start of the full-scale invasion and now lives there with short trips to Europe.

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The document provides for security and defence assistance, help with reconstruction efforts, as well as support in other areas, from cybersecurity to countering Russian disinformation campaigns.


Along with Tymoshenko, several other Ukrainian politicians were spotted spending time in the Persian Gulf. Suto Mamoyan, the Ukrainian people's deputy and former member of the Russia-linked "Opposition Platform for Life" party (now banned in Ukraine) was seen in the Dubai Mall – the largest shopping mall in the world.


As reporters learned from business sources, Mamoyan has been making trips to Dubai aiming to solve the issues of a large bookmaker in Ukraine. He is reportedly undertaking a mediating role and establishing a dialogue between the owners and the government.



Vadym Stoliar, Ukrainian politician and people's deputy, was also spotted in Dubai in the Russian restaurant Suvoroff. Diplomatic sources reported that Stoliar was later issued a driver's license in the UAE. Given that only UAE residents can be provided with one, Stoliar is reportedly planning to relocate to the country for good. However, he is currently in Ukraine as he is unable to leave after his recent return. According to sources, the politician is currently negotiating with the authorities to leave the state.


The notorious former people's deputy of Ukraine, Natalia Korolevska, and her husband, Yuri Solod, are also understood to be living in Dubai. UP journalists, citing their own sources, reported that the family has purchased real estate in Dubai worth $10 million.


According to a representatives of Ukrainian intelligence, Korolevska was among those persons to whom former pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk offered a position in power following a Russian occupation of Kyiv.

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