On Feb. 9, the Kyiv Cassation Court will hold its fourth hearing regarding the return of the Tereshchenko Mansion to community ownership.


The 19th century Tereshchenko Mansion is not only a unique architectural monument in Kyiv, but is also of great historical value in terms of Ukrainian statehood. It was here in 1917 that the Directorate (the provisional collegiate revolutionary state committee) of the Ukrainian People's Republic was formed.


Descendants of the prominent Tereshchenko family, together with the Kyiv prosecutor's office and Kyiv City Council, are defending the mansion from falling into the hands of developers and would like to give the prestigious property new life as a museum.


Back in 2007, the company Ukrnafta won a tender for the restoration of the Tereshchenko Mansion. Before becoming nationalized, 42 percent of Ukrnafta shares belonged to Igor Kolomoisky. Later, the package was transferred in an illicit scheme to Centrelevatormlynbud whose co-founder, Timur Mindich, handed it over to Kolomoisky's business partner. Prosecutors submitted all relevant case materials to the court.



Despite restoring the property as originally declared, the company has instead presided over its apparent dilapidation. Almost all the windows are broken, the roof is gone, young trees are growing out of some of the floors, and the walls are cracked. No restoration or repair works have been undertaken there in 15 years. 

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Public activists and Kyiv Post are carefully following the progress of this case.


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