For the fourth day in a row, the power system of Ukraine has been working with zero deficit, the state-owned electricity operator UkrEnergo reported. Power plants have produced enough electricity to cover consumption.


However, UkrEnergo warned that in case of an increase in energy consumption, outages or network restrictions may still be applied. In Odesa, for example, restrictions will be applied due to infrastructure damage.


“Power engineers continue emergency recovery work at a number of power plants that have undergone significant damage from missile and drone attacks by Russians,” the company noted.


The Ministry of Energy clarified that during the day, stabilization restrictions may occur in the Odesa and Khmelnytsky regions.


Why have the outages decreased?


UkrEnergo said that one power unit of the plant was taken out for repair work. However, this was offset by the hydroelectric power plants, which are now operating at full capacity due to an increase in water levels. Ukraine also continues to import power from Slovakia.


The company noted that an increase in daylight hours and clear weather also contribute to the generation of renewable energy sources.


On Feb. 10, Ukrainian military intelligence noted that the “missile blitzkrieg” of the Russian Federation on the energy facilities of Ukraine was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the strikes will not stop in the near future, so specialists from all over the country are involved in stabilizing the power system.


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