One year into its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia today on April Fool's Day, assumes the presidency of the UN Security Council, a development described as both "a bad joke" and “the lowest point in the history of the United Nations."

Ukraine has called for Russia to be removed from the Security Council over its full-scale invasion launched in February last year, and the U.S. has also criticised the move.

"A country that flagrantly violates the UN Charter and invades its neighbor has no place on the UN Security Council," White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said. 

"Unfortunately Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council and no feasible international legal pathway exists to change that reality," she added, calling the presidency "a largely ceremonial position."

"Russian UN Security Council presidency on April 1 is a bad joke," Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

Here are just some of the murderous things Russia has done in the last week alone...

Sunday 26th

  • Russian forces opened fire on a humanitarian aid delivery point in the city of Kherson, injuring two civilians.
  • Two civilians were killed after the towns of Chasiv Yar and Toretsk were hit by Russian artillery.
  • Five civilians were injured in Kherson as a result of shelling by Russian forces.
  • New drone footage shows the extent of Russian destruction of the city of Vuhledar.

Monday 27th

  • NATO condemns Putin’s announcement that Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in neighbouring Belarus as “dangerous and irresponsible.”
  • Russian missiles punched through buildings in the eastern Ukrainian town of Sloviansk on Monday, killing two people in their cars and wounding more than 30, police said. Dmytro Nogin, a senior officer from Kramatorsk district police, told journalists that "at around 10:30 there was a missile attack on the city. Two people have already died. It was people driving by, chance victims."
  • One civilian was injured when a kamikaze drone hit the town of Nikopol.

Tuesday 28th

  • Russia launches overnight kamikaze drone attack against Ukrainian cities.



  • The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office reveals 465 Ukrainian children have been killed and over 943 injured since the launch of the full-scale invasion last year.
  • One civilian was injured by a Russian guided bomb in Sumy region.
  • Ukrinform releases a video showing how Russians have destroyed hundreds of Ukrainian churches and prayer houses since the launch of the full-scale invasion last year.

Wednesday 29th



  • Officials reveal 19,514 Ukrainian children have been illegally deported to Russia houses since the launch of the full-scale invasion last year.

Thursday 30th

  • Russia launches overnight drone attack against Ukrainian cities.

Friday 31st

  • Two civilians – including a baby boy – are killed by Russia shelling in Avdiivka, Donetsk region.
  • Two civilians were injured by Russian shelling in the Zaporizhzhia region.
  • Friday also marked the one-year anniversary of the liberation of Bucha where Russia committed numerous atrocities.
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У Біблії сказано, що Бог ненавидить «руки, що проливають невинну кров». Це №3 у Божому списку того, що Він ненавидить, у Приповістях 6:16-19 (ESV). Скільки ще невинної крові має бути пролито в Україні, перш ніж світ повністю насититься Володимиром Путіним? Запевняю вас, Богу набридло перше ж невинне пролиття крові з рук Путіна.

У своїй промові 16 березня 2022 року президент Росії Володимир Путін заявив, що Росія повинна пройти «самоочищення суспільства», щоб позбутися «сволотів і зрадників», оскільки тисячі росіян намагалися втекти з Росії під час її вторгнення. України. Він говорив про очищення людей своєї нації просто тому, що вони з ним не погоджувалися. Ми не чули розмов на зразок «самоочищення» від світового лідера з часів Другої світової війни. Адольф Гітлер відкрито говорив про очищення власної країни.

Військова машина Путіна обстрілює багатоквартирні будинки, обстрілюючи мирних жителів, бомбить пологові будинки, дитячі лікарні, дитячі садки, театри та школи мистецтв, початкові школи і навіть церкви. Невже немає нічого святого чи недосяжного, чого б він не бомбив? Ці звірства проти невинних чоловіків, жінок і дітей жахають. Це військові злочини, які мають суворо каратися.

США, ЄС і всі країни, які їх підтримують, повинні дати Україні необхідну військову лепту, щоб вигнати Росію з України, а також Росію з ООН.
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The Bible says that God hates the "hands that shed innocent blood." That's #3 on God's list of things He hates found in Proverbs 6:16-19 (ESV). How much more innocent blood must be spilled in Ukraine before the world is totally fed up with Vladimir Putin? I assure you, God was fed up with the very first shedding of innocent blood at the hands of Putin.

In a speech on March 16, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Russia should undergo a "self-cleansing of society," to get rid of the "bastards and traitors," as thousands of Russians tried to flee Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine. He was talking about cleansing his own nation's people, simply because they disagreed with him. We haven't heard talk like "self-cleansing", from a world leader, since World War II. Adolf Hitler spoke openly of cleansing his own country.

Putin's military war machine has been shelling apartment buildings, targeting civilians, bombing maternity wards, children hospitals, kindergartens, theaters and art schools, primary schools and even churches. Is there nothing sacred or out of reach that he won't bomb? These atrocities against innocent men, women and children are appalling. These are war crimes that must be severely punished.

The USA, EU, and all supporting nations must give Ukraine the military mite they need to boot Russia out of Ukraine and boot Russia out of the UN as well.
Jack Griffin
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The United States Ambassador to the United Nations is African American. She has been silent on Russia's atrocities in Ukraine. Why? Because it's white people fighting white people. That's just how deranged the Demagogic Cult truly are.

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@Jack Griffin,

Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at a UN Security Council Briefing on Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Jack Griffin
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@ThoughtLife.God, She's no Nikki Haley. Period. She has been for the most part silent.